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New here. some questions

New here. some questions

Aight.. So background on me.. I just turned 18.. Penis is about 6-6.5 inches.. 6.5 on a good day and rock hard.. Flaccid is maybe 3 and not too great to look at.. Girth.. Not sure.. I’ll get an exact measurement soon.. But it isn’t too thick.. That is actually what I want to work on the most

But I guess I’m referring to this site to help me out with a little problem of mine.. Has anyone here, at my age, had a problem with getting an erection during sex?

Even more background on me.. So I’ve had two sexual partners I guess.. The first girl was my first time for sex and most other stuff.. With her, we were trying to have sex on the second time we were hanging out.. The first time, I couldn’t get hard.. I dunno why.. The second and third time, I could get hard enough to stick it in her but it was really hard to keep it hard.. A week later I broke up with her.. I ended up talking to her a few times after that and asked how big she thought my dick was.. She said 4.5-6.. I was kinda shocked and embarrassed because 4.5 is somewhat on the small size in my opinion.. And 6? That was really a big spread.. She said I felt a lot bigger inside her.. But I figure that would be the case for most girls.. So self-esteem kinda dropped

Well last night this girl that I’ve hung out with a couple times said “wanna fuck”.. And of course I said yes.. If you know me then you know that all I think about pretty much is sex and where my next blowjob is coming from.. So I’m out with this girl.. We go to an empty soccer field.. Lay down on the grass and we start trying to get it done.. Penis gets a bit hard.. I’m tryin to get it in and she laughs.. Penis drops.. I asked what she was laughing about and she said she laughs during sex.. Well ummm it kinda I guess made me nervous since I hadn’t had sex in a good 4 months and it was like my first time all over again.. So I’m like.. Uhh maybe you can help me out.. She says “I don’t touch it, or suck it, I just take it” I was like.. Uhhhhh fuck.. So I’m trying to jack myself off to get hard and when I think it’s hard enough to stick in.. Just kinda folds like a damn slinky.. She says a bunch of other things that kinda don’t really help like “do you just wanna make out all night, or fuck me”.. She acted like a damn hooker.. I’ve never been with a hooker.. But I can imagine it being something like that.. So the factors that went into this.. Lack of mood, really cold breeze up my bare asshole, thought of people walking up on us.. I guess this all has something to do with it.. Buut I’m 18.. This shouldn’t be a problem right?

So basically both these girls have had sex a lot before.. Both only with one guy tho before me.. And they were ok looking.. Not gorgeous.. And when I asked for them to get naked they both had a hard time showing me their bodies.. In fact last night the bitch kept covering her titties up.. So that didn’t help.. And all I ever hope for is sex.. So maybe it’s like “putting the pussy on the pedestal” or something.. Like I build up for this great moment and then can’t perform.. I know this is kinda the wrong place for this question but I figured someone would be able to help.. So yea thanks in advance

And I guess more on topic for this forum.. Should I just stick with the newbie routine or is there one exercise I should really focus on for massive girth gains

First of all, those girls are not worth your time. They, especially the second one, sounds like a whore to me.

The reason you couldn’t get it up would be due to the anxiety and nervousness. This happens to everyone during the first few times when they have sex. It is just a matter of time before these problems just disappear. Also, don’t think about or concentrate too much on getting hard, otherwise it will just not work. Concentrate on things like the smell of her hair, her eyes, body, breasts etc.

You ask for a massive girth gaining technique. I highly recommend doing the newbie routine to condition your dick so it can take more intense workouts later down the track. If you do not condition, you are at a high risk of injuring your penis and we only have one.

Good Luck :)

P.S. 6-6.5 is average, if not slightly above average. You have nothing to worry about :)

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Stick with the newbie routine.

And welcome.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I agree about the anxiety and nervousness, it happened to me also. Performance anxiety is horrible and can really effect your sex life in negative ways. I think your first girlfriend had trouble giving you a more accurate size because you had trouble maintaining a full erection. You need to be confident and not worry about performing so much, I know it’s harder than it sounds (pun intended.)

Thanks for the replies.. So stick with the newbie routine.. Got it.. If anything, I’m doing it for my own self-confidence.. The second girl was pretty much a whore.. Good thing I’m not wasting too much time on her.. I’m gonna basically hook up with her a few more times and see how it goes.. Maybe I’ll stop getting that performance anxiety

Lesson 1: Never ever ask a chick what she thinks about the size of your dick.

Lesson 2: Never ever ask a chick with whom you didn’t have a successful fuck what she thinks about the size of your dick.

Lesson 3: Never ever try to fuck a chick/skank who says she won’t touch, lick, suck “it”. “It” is an important part of you. Imagine what she might have said if you said, with a certain air of mild disgust, that you won’t touch, lick, or suck her “it”.

Congratulations! You’ve now learned some great lessons at an early age that will serve you well throughout life. Emotionally powerful lessons have a way of sticking like nothing else. You simply have to take the positive from what happened and not let things get you depressed about your sexual potential and maleness. Remember that there is always something positive that can be taken from shitty situations.

Don’t assume that being 18 means you can perform like a stud no matter what. Sex is enormously psychological (as well as physical). In fact, what’s going on between your ears is more important by far. You were just worried over impressing the girls—happens to all of us more than we’d like to admit.

Outside of the question of finding the right kind of chick with whom to have a sexual relationship, you’ll want to learn the art of losing yourself in the wonders of her body and sort of forgetting about yourself. Your body will know how to take care of business. Alcohol will likely as not mess things up for you. A little can help you relax, which is good, but too much will take the lead out of your pencil real fast.

Don’t wank like a demon if there’s a possibility of sex with a real live person. It can drain your sexual energy. You can train yourself to cum too fast, or to require too aggressive sex, by fast hard masturbation. On the other hand, getting yourself off the right way can make you a better lover. You want to learn the subtle signals your body gives you during different stages of sexual arousal. Check out the Jackinworld site for masturbation information.

Be careful of porn. There is almost no semblance of sexual reality in common porn.

If you decide to try PE, then by all means take the time to read carefully through the links provided for newbies. Don’t jump the gun and get aggressive in technique, or leap straight to advanced enlargement techniques. You will only set yourself up for a quick and potentially serious injury. PE will be a terrific lesson (another one of those!) in patience and persistence. Don’t obsess with measuring frequently, as gains tend to come slowly. Do make an effort to get good, accurate starting measurements, so that you will be able to make a fair assessment of your progress with time.

You’re a lucky guy. At 18 you have all the time in the world for PE and other good things in life. I started at nearly 46—I’d just about give my left nut to have known about PE at 18. Be prepared to practice PE for at least six months or more to give it a fair chance of working for you. I’ve just begun my seventh week and am already seeing improvements in length and girth. I’m doing nothing more than the newbie routine, and don’t plan to do anything more unless I get hopelessly stalled in progress somewhere down the line. Some guys get more than an inch with simple manual techniques. Sound good to you? It’s all free here at Thunder’s—you simply add time, effort, and persistence. Don’t forget to use lots of common sense. Read and absorb the information concerning “Physiologic Indicators” (PIs). These will be your key to finding your own sweet spot in PE training. It’s better to be training and growing than sulking over a stupid injury.

Have fun!

Have SAFE sex!


Oki_180s though you appear to be a completely fake person, I will say follow the advices calfaddict gave you. He is totally right.


I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Sorry about the “.” thing. It’s been a habit of mine for a long time.

Thanks calfaddict, all of what you said makes sense. I think the thing you said about porn was completely right. It can completely mess with your sexual life with adverse effects but can possibly help. I consider that being one of my problems also. When I get bored I just crank one out I guess. That probably trained my body to blow faster.

I’ve been reading a lot on the wiki and the faq recently and have decided to stick with the newbie routine. Tomorrow will be my first day of PE so I’m going to take some pictures and hopefully see improvements if I stay consistent.

I’m not sure how I seem fake. Please elaborate because I’m pretty sure I’m real and I’m pretty sure the problems I described are real.

Is there an edit button?

Oh well. I just measured girth and it was 4.5 inch circumference while length barely hit 6. It was amazingly hard to keep an erection while taking measurements so I believe it would be slightly bigger, probably not enough to matter though.

I just want to tell you, oki_180s, that I’ve had that problem also once or twice in my life.

I believe it’s because of the stress, the nerves, and the thoughts that go up in your head during and before the action. Although I couldn’t get it up, she tried to suck it hard, but instead of getting a full erection I got like 10% of stiffness and came after only 15 seconds or less. I can tell you that such an experience can seriously damage your self esteem. But fortunately for me that didn’t occur with one of my girlfriends. It happened with some of my one night stands. And I’d like to add that when I can’t get a hard on because of the stress and all that, it really feels like there is hardly any blood in my penis, making him feel kinda dead.

Hello oki and welcome to the forum.

All the PE information you require is right here. But if I might be so bold, perhaps you might want to look at women from a slightly different perspective:

You were dismayed that the girl you were with would not do anything other than let you ‘stick’ your dick in her. Have you thought whether or not you’d have gone down (perform oral sex) on this girl had she asked? If not, why not?

If you are just viewing girls/women as objects on which you perform and perfect your various sexual techniques, then I suggest you might want to rethink your approach. You may find that establishing some sort of a relationship with the opposite sex, that extends beyond ‘wanna fuck’, would actually ease the pressure on you to ‘perform’ and help you with your erection problems.

*Gets off soap box.

01/OCT/2007: BPEPL: 7.00, Base Girth 5, Mid G: 4.5, Under glans G: 4.25.

01/NOV/2007: BPEPL: 7.25, Base Girth: 5.25, Mid G: 4.75, Under glans G: 4.50.

Ultimate goal: 8" x 6"

Originally Posted by oki_180s
I just measured girth and it was 4.5 inch circumference while length barely hit 6. It was amazingly hard to keep an erection while taking measurements so I believe it would be slightly bigger, probably not enough to matter though.

Your size is absolutely normal for an adult male. In fact, your length is a bit longer than average, depending upon the study.

Yes, it can be frustrating to stay hard while measuring. A tip that works for me: Try to measure in the morning when your testosterone level is at its peak. Many men find it easier to get good wood in the morning. Also make an effort to get that measurement several times over the course of a week or two. If you keep getting the same measurement, or very close, you know that you are using good technique. Practice periodically so you can maintain a good feel for a proper bone-pressed measurement. The BP measurement is best for PE as it gives you the right foundation for monitoring gains. The fat pad under your bush can vary in thickness if your body weight varies (mine does—I eat too many chips).

There have been many comments here or on other boards where the poster admits that they aren’t exactly sure what their starting size was, because they didn’t really measure, or they cannot remember if it was bone-pressed or not, or if they measured from the top, side, or somewhere else. See what the problem is? PE is a process of effort and determination, so you want to be able to know, rather than guess, about your gains.

Try not to be too focussed on length or girth gains early on. As you get into the newbie routine, you’ll be more concerned with learning the feel of your stretches and jelqs. I’m still refining my technique here in my seventh week. Keep watch on your PIs. Look for improved erection quality and possibly more definition of your shaft veins. Better EQ is a sign that you are doing your PE the right way. If your EQ suffers after starting PE, then most likely you are going at it too aggressively. Back off a bit, and only increase your workout once your erections strengthen. Let me repeat that your primary focus should be on the quality of your erections while doing PE.

Understand that length and girth gains sometimes happen fairly quickly, or sometimes don’t happen until months after starting. Gains can come in spurts as well, with in between periods of nothing seeming to happen. This is why you need to give PE a fair chance of working by keeping at it for at least six months to a year. This will be a test of your discipline, to be sure.

A simple-minded trick (I have a very simple mind) I use to make my PE a regular routine is to jot down my workout notes each day in a small, cheap note book. Each page is labeled with the date, and every seven pages gets a “week #” notation. All I do is note how many minutes of warm-up/down, stretches, and jelqs I did that day, and I can also make note of anything else that comes to mind. At a glance I can see how many weeks I’ve been at it, which is a small reward in itself. If I take a rest day, then I simply note that day as “off”. Filling out each page after my workout makes me feel good about having done it one more time. I’m also engaged in an effort to restore my foreskin (was cut as an infant), which in itself is a long-term, slow progress effort. The same little notebook gets a daily entry of how many hours I’ve spent doing FR as well. I’m trying to improve my package in two ways simultaneously, and that notebook habit helps me stay the course.

My apologies oki.

Fake = Troll.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

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