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New guy

New guy

Hi everyone I am 23yr old male. 6feet tall and 80kgs medium rib cage and medium athletic physique , sedentary lifestyle and do smoke and smoke joints also. I am hot guy and wanting to get a sex life too. I don’t mind trying all this in my free time if it betters me in sex. I am new to all this.

My current stats are

My goals are just 6-6.5/5 in EL/EG. I am circumcised also. How much time will it normally take to reach this goal and what are the best exercises to do which are also convenient harmless and natural. And also any routine or diet ect .. Welcome.


Go to the very top of the Newbie Forum and read all about the Newbie Routine and start with that routine and info.

Welcome to Thunder’sPlace Tony and the experts here will always keep you right :nodding:

We are in 2006 now btw :whatever:

I always notice the small things :gulp:

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Welcome, Tony I think you have a good future here – nice post. :)

In this order, as most important to learn, understand and perform (though all are equally important):

1. Warm-up
2. Lubricated Jelqs
3. Kegels
4. Basic stretching
5. Edging/ballooning

Focus on these for a year. It’s good you listed ‘natural’ as a necessary ingredient. I fully agree, keep it ‘natural’ for a year before you start pumping or hanging.

Do as the wise gprent advised, then if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. You should read a lot before beginning with PE, in my humble opinion. There is a wealth of information to obsorb.

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