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New guy, looking for advice.

New guy, looking for advice.

Hello all,

I am coming here looking for some help. Recently I went through a divorce, let’s just say my ex said some not so nice things before and after leaving. She more or less shot my confidence in a plethora of areas. Biggest one being her claim that she cheated on me with a guy whose unit was the size of basically a pringles can. Given that I bottomed out with like 4” of mine it wouldn’t be a big deal it was just she said he was an inch bigger around which kind of hurt. It is however most likely not true but how to put it.. Inception and all that jazz. So much so that I am now having what seems to be the start of ED issues. So I came here looking for some advice on a few things. One, what to do to increase erection quality and two, what to do to increase girth particularly depth.

On a side note regarding erection quality, I have noticed that if I am sitting I gain ~1/4” in girth. I was wondering what was causing this and if it would be possible to retain that when not sitting through erection quality work.

This is the thread I posted in the Member Pics forum.
First pictures - New guy

I guess I kind of rambled and was not really sure how to say what I wanted. If it seems like I missed anything or if my statements piqued a question I would appreciate the help getting this out so to speak.

Also, I find it near impossible to get or maintain an erection when laying flat on my back even during sex if I have had a release in the last few days. I am in my early twenties and see this as being an issue since from what I’ve heard it will only get worse as I get older and am scared that I will be impotent before I am 40.

I believe the best thing for better erections are Kegel exercises.

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Honestly, Kegels and the Newbie routine will help with EQ and you might even squeeze some girth gains out of it. ;)

She knew what to say to cut deep and thus she did, you can discount what she said.
You have a great length and good girth.

After you stick with the Newbie routine for a few months you could try Pumping/Clamping which are advanced and shouldn’t be taken until you condition your penis.
I only mention them because you asked and they are the “girth” routines people point too.

Good luck on your PE journey.

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I appreciate the replys guys. I’ll start on the Kegels immediately. The Newbie routine might be a couple days down the road when I have a little more time to read and digest, want to make sure I do it correctly.


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