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New guy here


Originally Posted by Titleist
Settle in and take your time. You have obtainable goals. Exhaust the newbie routine and gains that will come from it before moving on.

Let go of the notion of her new guy being bigger. I wouldn’t expect her to say otherwise. One thing for sure is you will never know, so do your best to let it go. I too heard the same thing and let it set me back far too long.

Thank you for the advice. I’m sorry you’ve been in the same position. It sucks to say the least but I’ll be moving on one day at a time.

Originally Posted by Panamera911

Perhaps it is worth considering moving on from this relationship entirely?

Yeah trust me that’s solid advice and what I hear on a daily basis from family and friends but I guess deep down I’m not ready to move on completely. Love makes you do crazy things I guess.

Read through my progress log. I can shed some light on your situation with my own story.

I just read through your progress report and it motivated the hell out of me man. I’m sorry about your ex wife. I know how it feels but I’m glad to hear you found someone better! As far as your gains they impress and motivate me more than anything I’ve read on here. And also your lifts are great man. I lift too and am somewhat novice. Been seriously lifting for about 5 months. Fucked around but just got serious about 5 months ago. Gained about 17 pounds so far. My bench is 275, low bar squat 315 ass to grass for 3 reps and sumo dead lift at 405. Your lifts are impressive to say the least.


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