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New guy here wants facts

Hey bone,

Fuck man have you not even read your replys. Stop slating the gay guys.

If your that bothered about them leave the forum.


He has already left the forum.


Darn it, I had hoped that he would last longer. We were f*cking with in the the gentlest of ways yet still his brain melted in only 4 pages.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Although I might point out that he wouldn’t have gone off if no one had teased him, I’m still glad he’s gone. He WAY over-reacted, and held a rather unsavory attitude towards those who don’t deserve it.

Girlie and hairy from masturbating? Does he even know that it’s the MEN who are supposed to have the *bleep*’n hair?

I’ve seen mustache women, and they aint pretty!

Measurements as of June 29, 2005 eg: 6 inch bpel: 7.2 inch nbpel: 6.3 inch My Goal eg: 7 inch bpel: 8.9 inch nbpel: 8 inch Have A Nice Day! :)

Oye oye I’m here. OK maybe I overreacted. Don’t Ban me again please.


I’m really sorry he’s gone.I wanted to ask his advice.I’m sitting here looking at my 5.5 inch flaccid cock,(before PE never more than 2.5 even on a good day) and I was wondering if I should jack it off,or go look at wallpaper samples.Now I’ll never know .


:-k It looks like this thread made 2 ex members.

Maybe I don't like it, but I have no choice

I know that somewhere, someone hears my voice

Thanks and also I’m perfect. I got a 6feet tall height. Good built ect. Just it’s this thing of being the good guy always that I get frustrated of. When do I get a chance to be bad too :|

At least at the sentence above we have the same destiny nomanic! I am tall to, happy with my body and looks etc. Only the penis was a hell for me. Now I have gained from 5,5 till 6,5 inch.

(At this forum I have posted .5 inch gain, but I did Pe also 3 months before when I downloaded a pe document about Pe from kazaa, became clear to me now why gaining became more difficult, I was cheating and forget I did ;\)

But, I still feel my penis is to little, I haven’t got a bulge. And a very little nose which make you think the dick is very very little. However, I feel at peace mostly with myself. You can learn to get over your frustration also. I accept that I have insecurities sometime’s and don’t resist against it. By meditating I have learned to witness my emotions and feelings as a spectator, which made my mind/spirit more at ease.
But I am still learning.

You are from India, so you will probably now about Vipassana meditation. Maybe worth trying.

Nomadic, don’t blame you’re insecurity’s only on you’re dick. You probably have much more qualitie’s than only you’re dick. Further bigger is better for penetrating and the variety of positions to fuck in. definitely.
But I believe that you can have a good relationschip also with the dick you have right now. You can make your woman come in other ways to. Good pussy eating, and if you master the clitoris of a woman, there are enough woman who can get to great orgasms by only stimulating their clitoris with you’re index vinger and a bit of spit, while kissing each other.
Further the emotional and spiritual connection can add a lot too.

On this forum there are a lot of guys who started with a relative short penis and already had a pretty good relationship. Maybe a lot of woman like a big dick, but there are enough woman who accept a smaller penis for the full 100% also.
Also woman can like you more to be around with if you develop you’re character. For example; I was a guy talking in a monotone way with almost no expression. My body language was tensed and looked ready to fight and sometime’s ready to flight to and I looked aggressive or axious in my eyes.
On the outside woman still can’t see, that I have gained and my flaccid is still too small. (in relationship to height around 6 feet)
But I learned myself to talk differently, be more expressive and have a relaxed body language now most of the time with a relaxed expression on my face also as I hear other people saying. It feels great and I get along good with woman now.

I understand that your dick size is a problem for you. My point is, don’t blow your dick size problem out of proportion. That way you won’t degrade the many other fine things in live to a lower place than they deserve.

Last but not least, you can learn to be a multi orgasmic man. How you can become that you can read the book “the multi orgasmic man” from Mantak Chia.

Ok, good luck

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

Ahh the socially retarded.

Tsk Tsk Tsk,

That’s all I can say, I’m sorry I have to get in on this. First of all regardless , if you wanted a bunch of complete strangers to help you , maybe you should approach it with a more open mind. Second , I have a very normal size dick and I’ve been told am very attractive, that hasn’t stopped girls from playing hacky sack with my heart.. Even guys with great looks and big dicks can be dumped , it’s our own insecurity that makes us think otherwise. It’s important to get the “I will be ok if I’m this” attitude out of your head or else you’ll be constantly chasing your own tail , and nothing ‘you’ do will be good enough.

Thirdly my best friend in the world is gay and I take offence to what you’re saying , even though I know you don’t know any better. I’m 100 percent straight and I’m not about to start a rally and wave a rainbow flag but jesus man have some respect or you’re liable to get a smack in the head aight ?

As for the other stuff , masturbation is gay ? Please , I guess I’m a rabid homo then along with the rest of the men in this world. Oh and by the way god may have a problem with you thinking about PE , you’re having impure lustful thoughts , first chop off your hands and then sell yourself to thine neighbour as a slave and repent lest ye be smitten down.. . . . . . .

Ok that’s enough for me , sorry guys..


To be honest, I dont think that guy(nomadic bone) was serious. I live on the Wester Part of the United States, and I have not seen such a close minded person in years.

I think he was a girl just trying to mess with us….

Originally Posted by Nimrod1982
Oye oye I’m here. OK maybe I overreacted. Don’t Ban me again please.


Boys, seems he is still with us, so quieten down a bit, eh?

He got banned again as quick as he rejoined pgt..:up:

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

I see..

I only read the first post and not the whole thread.

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..


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