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New from Guelph Ontario

New from Guelph Ontario

I’ve had experience with manual stretching starting about six years ago. I mainly started because I wanted more movement along my shaft as my erections were moderately tight-skinned (blasted circumcision), and my success lead me to then massaging my cock and stretching it. I used a dry version of a constant ten second pull, then flopped, then repeated, ten times, rested then another ten times in a different direction, adding up to about a full half hour of six directions.. All but straight downward. Over the course of about a month, I didn’t result in any gained size except for how I saw my pecker. I SWEAR it was bigger, especially while soft, which I absolutely love/d. (Oh, and my biceps, too. HA!) I have continued to put a constant pull on my shaft when I’m watching movies or just about anything when I’m at home. If there’s any more to become of this method I think I’ve had it. I’m ready for experimenting with different techniques. Presently, since I don’t have a PayPal account, I’m trying (I tried elongating that word but the system won’t allow.. Just think how hard I tried and am still trying and you’ll get the point) to get a friend to make a purchase for me for a Blakoe-Ball Zinger. My balls are small for my size and if that builds up better than my efforts with my crank, then I’m all for it.

Wish me luck

Good luck.

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