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New exercise

New exercise

I have finished my last two routines with this and thought I would share it. I start with the normal jelq one hand ok grip at very bottom of base and as I start jelq motion when there is enough room at base I use my other hand fingers as a V or scissors to press down on the base as I complete the jelq. I do this with 50%-70% erection level while sitting. I have felt fatter flaccid after adding this into my routine.

Sounds like you could be up to something.

Not everyone has 100% identical anatomy. What works for others might not work for you ect.

I wish to add something here. Sambo33 has been a member for a year, he has done the newbie routine, which is a guideline, and now he has added new things to his routine.

A new person, aka one who doesn’t have 3 or more months in, should not try anything radical. Injuries WILL impede progress and WILL cause gains to come to a screeching halt. And then you have to take months off to let things heal.

Sirspanksalot is correct, not everyone is the same and what might work for Sambo33, may or may not work for others and it may or may not be worth the risk.

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By doing this you do jelq and manual stretch in one exercise, I think.

This sounds pretty good, give it a try and keep us informed about your experience with this exercise.

But of course, it’s not for newbie, right Sambo33.

Correct I’ve been doing PE for a while on and off. My unit seems to handle it well. I do this near the end of my workout while I’m good and warmed up. My last exercise is edging, I think you should end a routine with a good hard on. Also I would like to add that when I press down with the V it is a light press down.

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Yeah, I tried that. It works pretty well.


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