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New and in need of some encouragement



You can prevent turkey necking by looking at my cock and vomiting. It’s like a flag at this point. I’m thinking of renting a float in the next parade my town has, painting my cock red, white and blue, and just standing there with nothing else around me.

EDIT: Try to keep the skin on the underside taught while exercising…not something I was able to do though.


Well guys I said id let you know about my gains. After one month and a little over a weeks worth break during that time my new measurements are 6.563” BPEL and 5.188” EG. I am hooked!

Welcome 5inch and dwight - congrats on starting. I’m just starting up the newbie routine tonight (though have been doing some Fowfers for a week). I did three weeks of PE in 2002 and finally got back around to it.

5inch, I think you’ll find that most people gain length more easily than girth (though definitely not true for everyone!), thus making your goal of adding 1.5 inches of girth while only an inch of length an unlikely proportion. The good news is, if you gain 1.5 inches of girth, you’ll probably have gained 3 inches of length! (That said, I haven’t noticed many stats boasting 1.5 inch girth gains, though I’ve definitely seen stats where that has happened. Quite common to see 1.5 inch+ length gains.)

Dwight, congrats on your gains! Our starting measurements are similar, so I hope to make a similar report in one month’s time. Have you calculated the change in volume? I bet it’s an awesome stat. As per turkey neck, I recommend doing a search on turkey neck. Pretty much has been said on that and there are at least a couple different opinions on what actually causes it. Some people believe excess skin causes it. Others believe not enough skin causes it. Depending on what you believe will inform how you decide to prevent it. Best o’ luck!

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Well seeing as how I’m an engineer I naturally look at it from an engineering standpoint which I feel is pretty accurate. I feel it’s from a lack of shaft skin so your body ends up using your sack skin to compensate for the additional length and thus create a turkey neck effect because it is your sack stretching. So if you stretch the shaft skin then your body won’t need to use it’s sack skin to make up for the added length. So really you could look at it as a ratio of shaft to sack skin. If there’s too much sack and not enough shaft skin your body will use the sack skin to make up for it but if you have plenty of shaft skin your body won’t resort to using your sack. Also I’m doing my length gains first and then after I reach the length I want to get to I’m gonna do the girth. I feel that this way ill be able to achieve a uniform girth and not the baseball bat effect since the whole shaft will be getting girth work when I start doing girth. Whereas if I do girth while I’m doing length the “hidden” penis isn’t getting any girth work until it comes out. However that’s just a theory of mine since so many people report baseball ball effects and I don’t want to bother with hanging or reverse jelqs since there’s debating over whether it’s good or not. Good luck with your gains ezduzzit.

Dwight - Congrats on the 1 month gains. Are you following the newbie routine as written or what? Just curious since I am just now starting wet-jelqs (vs stretches or hanging) and am hoping for similar gains in the first month.

I actually started the first two weeks following the newbie routine to a T and I was doing dry jelqs for the jelqing part. However I got some bruising after a session and took about a week and 3 days off till it went away. When I started again though I noticed the start of a baseball bat effect though so I did some research to see how to reverse the effect and the two things I found were hanging and reverse jelqing. I didn’t feel comfortable with hanging and there were mixed reviews on reverse jelqing so I didn’t want to try that either. I decided to focus only on stretching until I reach the length I want and then start with jelqing and girth exercises so I will get a uniform girth. From my experience jelqing and stretching at the same time which results in pulling out the “hidden” shaft from stretching that might be thinner than the part of the shaft that is being jelqed thus resulting in the baseball bat effect. I now am waiting to get all the length out I want then work all it’s girth so I prevent the base from being thinner than the rest of the penis. This however is just my theory and take on it and so far it’s working great. I no longer have the baseball bat shape and my gains are still great considering I took off a week and 3 days and it’s only my first month.

I was being a little too lazy and wearing just an all day hanger. I saw gains of around .5 inch and a girth gain of just over .25 (enough length and girth to know just by looking and holding that it is bigger) but it has taken many months. So, I am going back to a consistent routine of stretching and jelqing. I will try to stick with the newbie routine for at least a month or two before making any necessary adjustments (finding the time being the hardest obstacle to overcome). Then I am going to start hanging with my new bib. I hope to report back in a few months with solid gains.

Good luck with the Newbie Routine, MattDog. Changing it up from your all-day hanging routine will probably give you a pleasant surprise. Keep us posted.

I beleive in you, people gain at different rates and there are multiple reasons for this. I bet atleast every member on this site has gained atleast some sort of it. I have gained 3 inches of girth and maby an inch in length. I know it works, through success and through basic science. Never give up, this is a dedication. You may not see results the first time ,but if you keep at it and search the threads and videos for proper form, and the “how to”. I’m sure you will reach your goals like everybody else has. You’ve joined as a member, so that shows some form of dedication. I know you really want it or you wouldn’y have joined in the first place. Remember to read the newbie faqs forum guidelines, and the exercize tutorials.

Best of luck, Phason

You can do it!
Just think of it this way, the more you read the bigger your penis grows
“Patience is virtue”
Now go, be off with you.


Well back with another update. I have gone from my last measurement of 6.568” BPEL and 5.188” EG to 7.000” BPEL and 5.188” EG. I have reached my first length goal of 7.000” while staying at the same EG as before. This is great because it shows me that my plan of focusing on length before any girth work is working. I pretty much did a light maintenence routine during December which I think helped cement the gains I had recieved over the first month. Then mid-January I started back with a different routine that focused only on lig stretching. This next month I’m going to change my routine again to focus on tunica lengthening. I know this is much more difficult but I believe it has a better possiblility of being permanent so if for whatever reason I stop or take an extended break from PE I wont have missed a beat.

This is great news. Congrats! I look forward to future updates.

1st START: 11.29.02 -> BPEL: 6.06", EG: 4.63", FL: 3.31", EVol: 10.3 (Quit after 3 weeks.)

2nd START: 12.09.07-> BPEL: 6.25", EG: 4.75", FL: 3.5", EVol: 11.2 (9% increase)

RECENT: 02.03.08 ----> BPEL: 6.44", EG: 5.00", FL: 3.5", EVol: 12.8 (24% increase)

Good luck chris and asianguy!!!

Starting-March 15, 2007: BPEL:5.2''| NBPEL: 4.5'' | EG:5''

Today-May 17, 2007 BPEL:7.19' | NBPEL: 6.7" | EG: 5.55"

My dick is on steroids!Progress Report w/pic Overtraining is worse than undertraining...

Chris believe me it really works but just on 2 conditions:

1.Self discipline -> you have to PE 4-5 times a week and for about 1 h, you have to stick to your routine
2.Give it some time -> measure it first after 8-9 weeks (might increase EL between 0.5- 1.2 cm)

I’m talking from my experience

God Luck

STARTING: BPEL: 5.7 G: 4.65, NOW: BPEL: 7.48 G: 5.7 GOAL L:8.7 G:6.3 (old goal; L:8.0 G: 6.0)


Disclaimer:The advices that I give of any sort are just stated on general laymen's knowledge.


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