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need some advice,im new here

need some advice,im new here

Hi guys,
I’m new here but not new to pe. I have used many devices and am still looking for one I am comfortable with. I have used the max-extender, ok I should say I tried to use it, didn’t work.

I also recently purchased a “Penistretcher” from some European company for $250+ and th e”noose” doesnt hold near the head like it is supposed to, and I can barely fit in it in my flaccid state.

I’m about 4.5 long x 4.5 around soft,hard about 8x6 give or take a 1/4 in.for length as my weight fluctuates. And this does affect my length (when I was skinny I was almost 9”) but anyway I am currently using some clear plastic bendable tubing, similar to fish tank hose, doubled with a nut on the joining ends to “noose” it up then hang weights from that. I primarily try to tighten it close to the base of my shaft, not close to the glands.

This is working but I feel I can find something better as I cannot use this for very long with more than 5 pounds. I have also tried to use bendable PVC rubber pipe split up the center and some ace bandage wrapped around my dick and closed the open rubber piece around it. Kinda like a hot dog bun with a clamp that you can manually tighten.

While this works as well, I have the same problems with not being able to do it long, as the head starts to get cold. Also it slips a bit causing what most guys would refer to as forskin restoration. Which doesn’t bother me I actually like it, but I am not sure if this is all its doing, not adding length.

I also do have somewhat of a turkey neck which doesn’t help things. I have started ball stretching which is helping me with this problem a great deal, plus I like the way it looks when they hang a bit lower.

So if anyone can recommend something that I can “make”, I am very crafty,but taken into account what my past problems have been perhaps someone can offer some advise.

I have many posts about the different devices around the board however if someone can point me in the right direction and make a recommendation I would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance,

At the top of the Hangers forum there is this thread. It should tell you what you need to know.



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