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My wife noticed my stretch marks.


I wish mine just got it out when watching tv.. Just for a play.. Thats the life.

Originally Posted by redwings
My wife was watching TV and pulled my unit out of my pants to play with it. She started looking really close at it and noticed my stretch marks. They are about 1/4” from the base on the shaft. She felt them with her finger, so I know she noticed them. We have been married 13 years so she has to know they are new. She has not said anything yet. I stealth PE (pump, jelq) daily, but she has not said anything yet. I wonder if she is getting suspicious?

“I wonder if she is getting suspicious?” You make it sound like you’re cheating or doing something that would really hurt her emotionally here! After 13 years of marriage, I would think you should feel comfortable enough to just say you’ve been doing some penis stretching exercises to strengthen your erection and improve the overall health of your penis. There’s no shame to it. She’s enjoying the change so I’m sure she would be curious to know how it is happening. Would you be interested to know the reason if her tits grew a cup size?

So I think it’s fine and best to just ask her if she noticed the difference and tell her that way. I’m sure there have been more awkward moments.

Jeje actually the perfect situation for PE would be if they knew and supported it, the best thing if mine started growing would be my mrs telling me she noticed it was bigger or better.

I guess my concern would be she does not support me doing it. BUT, I could be completely wrong, and she may love it.

I’m sure she will be happy, she loves you so I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t be supportive, it’s just a bit embarrassing coming clean. Let me know how it goes, how she reacts. I bet she will just be glad it makes you happy. I think I am becoming more happy since I’ve been doing this.

I bet if she is concerned, it is about the safety of such devices as a pump. If you can assure that you will use precaution and keep it safe, as well as stretching/jelqing safely and intelligently (intelligently as in knowing when to take a break if you notice pains or problems arising) then there should be no issues.

Also, not telling her what is going on to your penis, she may be concerned that you are developing some condition or even, STD. (possible)

Maybe she would be curious to see how it works. Look at the worry you’re going through just for not telling her. :)

I got home early and have been hanging with low weights all day. Just did light jelqing and a little more hanging with some heavy weights (first time). Holy Crap! I have hit 6.5” and the base is getting fat! I am truly addicted. I am going to have to come clean with results like this.

Originally Posted by redwings
She would have told me if she found the pump. I keep it hidden in the toilet tank in the bathroom, and she is not very handy and would never look there. However I did leave the vitamin E oil in the shower the other morning.

Wouldn’t keeping it their be pretty unhygienic?

I clean it out every time before I use it. I usually use it in the tub or shower.

I wouldn’t mention it until she asks. I’ll eventually tell my girlfriend, but until then I’ll just keep it to myself.

I see no reason that I won’t see gains, but I want to see length/girth gains before I say anything. Last thing I’d want to do is mention to my girlfriend that I’m making my dick bigger, and it never happens. :(

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Well clearly you’ve been busted but not a problem at all. She must know about the earlier ED so I would just tell here you are doing some exercises/stretching that coupled with the testosterone “it appears honey that I may be getting a little bigger ~ are you OK with these changes because I feel so much better with the testosterone boost and being able to have great sex with you”

I’m certain she will tell you to keep up with whatever you’re doing.

Keep going Redwings she’ll love you for your persistence.

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Dude, this threads last post was over two years ago. Too funny.

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