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My theory and Progress

My theory and Progress

So.. Now I’m about 3/8” longer than when I started and I have a theory that doesn’t quite match what else I see here.

I’m focusing on stretching the ligament. I use mostly just traction and isolated pinch/pulling/stretching on the ligament on the top (and it’s roots left and right side). I’m being careful since I snapped a ligament in my foot when I was in my 20’s.

In my case at least, it seemed like that was the main thing keeping me shorter than I wanted to be.

I’m up to 6 5/8 from 6 2/8 and going to be pretty happy if I can get anywhere above 7.

Sorry, but what is exactly is your theory that is different from what you see on here?

Small, but growing!

The name keeps me motivated.

You know.. Mostly my post was just idiotic. It was late and I was excited to have gotten progress.

But— I guess I am currently focusing -just on the ligament- I am not making an “OK” as much (tho I do some). Instead, I pinch the ligament itself and stroke along it. I feel like this ligament is the main thing limiting me right now. Once it is stretched out then I guess I go more to the “OK” jelqing.

OK I understand. Hope it works out well for you.

Small, but growing!

The name keeps me motivated.

I started a new thread but found this one after.

It appears to be working. In about 75 days I’ve added roughly .55 inches in length. Astonishing.

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