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My short term success.

My short term success.

I’m still very much a ‘newbie’ when it comes to this stuff, but I’ve already experienced fantastic gains.

Now I’m not here to talk about my huge growth gains because that’s not what I’m so ecstatic about. My original (and first) post on this site was because I had a small flaccid size, and everything was so incredibly “high and tight’ that it was nearly uncomfortable to deal with. I really wanted to focus on stretching the scrotum, since that seemed like the obvious answer. However, I took the advice of many forum-members and stuck with the typical ‘newbie routine’, and boy am I glad I did.

Original Post: Stretching Ligs for Lower Hang

I’m just about a month and a half into my three month endeavor of this newbie routine (heat with rice sock, stetch for ~10 mins, jelq for ~10 mins, heat again with re-heated rice sock), and it’s been nothing but amazing. Living in the northern-midwest, it’s not generally very warm until the end of May/June, and today was the first real warm day we’ve had (about 80 degrees), and it’s when I first realized that things are definitely changing.

My erect gains are something I’m proud of (about .4 inches BPEL in just over a 45 days), but the flaccid growth has been incredible, which I’m thinking is mostly due to the stretching. Anyway, today I decided to throw on shorts instead of jeans, and wow, for the first time in my life I could actually feel the wind blowing around my junk! I could feel my testicles hanging, and possibly even swinging?? I know this might now sound like much of a feat to a lot of people, but since my main reason for joining this website was because I wanted nothing more than to loosen things up down there. And I finally realized that I don’t have that little “bump” where my penis used to point out horizontally, and now it’s more of a bulge that actually hangs, and moves, instead of just pokes out awkwardly like a 2 inch erection.

But lately I have noticed that even in the middle of the day, at work, when I’m completely soft and not excited at all, my flaccid is at least an inch longer, if not more. This I chalk up to stretched ligs which I could definitely feel being stretched at the base over the past 45 days. But when I go to the bathroom, it’s hanging. Not just poking out horizontally, it’s hanging down. I’m so incredibly thrilled so far it’s amazing.

I haven’t measured girth and don’t really plan too for a little while, since that’s not what I’m using this routine for, but will probably focus a bit more on it after I’m happy with my flaccid.

But as far as right now, I’m incredibly happy with my longer flaccid (sometimes even double the size of what it used to ‘hang’ at), and my .4 inches in length gain, which is just an added bonus! (As well as a meaner, veiny-er looking weiner!). Haha.

Regardless, I just wanted to share this with someone as I don’t have anyone in the real world to talk to about it.

(Btw, feeling wind blowing all around my newly acquired, longer flaccid that was almost swinging around for the first time in my life was honestly, one of the best feelings ever). Unfortunately it happened walking into a department store and the rest of the time I was suppose to be shopping for new work clothes, I probably looked like a retard walking around with a huge smile on my face. At least they don’t know I was smiling about my junk!

Thanks for reading! And double thanks to the posters in my original thread, my sack hangs a lot lower on a normal basis and is a million times more comfortable, and I can occasionally feel (and see) my flaccid creeping down a pant leg on good days. Can’t wait to keep going!



Keep up the good work!

Great work. Keep it up. Literally!

Awesome! One of my goals is to get a lower hang as well. I feel ya on that awkwardly poking flaccid in pants thing.

Starting: FL: 4 inches EL: 6 inches Goal: 7 inches erect length 5/19/12

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