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You guys didn’t get the joke did you?

RootCap-You’re argument about divorce is just taking the “men must rule” stereotype in circles again. It is a nasty process but it’s nothing more than a big resolution to settle arguments caused by a lack of self sacrifice for the other person leading to feelings of being unappreciated. People can be very childish in those preceedings but only if they intend on acting greedy or attempting to hurt the other person to make themselves feel better.

I have a list of 16 general attractive qualities every man must display in a relationship. I said I could stretch out much further, but that would be pointless because you could pretty much guess and get it right instead of memorizing endless bullet points.

Let’s see your 16 libraries then, or better yet make at least a top ten that doesn’t cater to men being the absolute dominant power. Let’s see how you could figure a list for lesbians who regulary share the same roles.

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Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider
You guys didn’t get the joke did you?

Not really, so you actually like what a-unit said or what?

Great Gains Starbuck! I hope this helps things settle down for ya at home. If not, you will be happier with yourself and your new found pride in you!

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I’ve been with a bunch of different types of woman and I see exactly what they are talking about. They want a gentle man but don’t want to be the woman they want to be both a sensitive woman and dominant man. Of course this isn’t true of all women but most and the media has their hand in it. There hasn’t been a strong guy in a family show in awhile, just Al bundy, every body loves Raymond, ect. On the other hand their wives check them all the time.

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Now-bpel-6 3/4Eg-5"

Starbuck? Ever hit your goal?

Originally Posted by a-unit
Women aren’t equal partners. The feminist propaganda suggests that women should be equal, but what they mean is dominant. Dominant women are chaotic and will tantrum at the slightest provocation, and destroy the family unit. The PUA community understands that, as in #3, the little girl is where the love and nurture exists in the pre-political state. #5 for instance re-enforces the male as provider/protector. #9 is critical to the safe reproduction of the family. Adoption doesn’t do this, and merely promotes the feminist, nanny state.

There are many criticisms of this position, but mostly because of the conscious/unconscious feminist political atmosphere of the last few generations.

Who’s to say who’s right or wrong, but if men want loyal wives and a peaceful home, then there need to be some guidelines for a man to understand. Otherwise, if she’s treated as equal she will begin to behave like the women we see in the media these days.

And I see this in marriage counselling sessions, where the woman (generally) has decided to leave and has a list of failures to read to him in front of me before she announces she has “done enough” and wants the house, kids etc. Because she can go it alone so she can do it correctly.

I’m trying to understand something? husbands do you see wives as equals?

Originally Posted by a-unit
The PUA stuff works no matter the age the woman you are communicating with.

We have all left relationships and in each case we were better to just leave and allow the woman her desires, whether we wanted her back or not.

My first wife left and I pursued her and got want I went for, only to regret it later.

I left my second wife because she was unable to do anything but scream and yell at the kids.

I married a third time and know much more about dealing with women’s issues. Mostly it’s about time and space. Give her as much of those things as you can, and do other things. She has to do her own work in this life, otherwise you are always putting out forest fires.

To me, if a woman wants to find other dick, she has to be left to that, but I won’t be there to see it. Some guys are ok sharing, but to me a marriage is about her and I.

I’m trying to understand? Your current situation .

Originally Posted by scienceguy106
I think this guy might be a troll.


Troll or not, still an interesting discussion.

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Starbuck1963 started this thread and never posted on it again I wonder if he and the wife worked things out?


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