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My routines, gains and opion about PE.

My routines, gains and opion about PE.

Hi guys,

I am new to this forum, i started with PE last week. I will keep up my diary about any gains or changes here, also ifI change with my routine.

My starting lengths is: 7.6”
My starting griths are: Head’; 5.2, middleshaft; 5,4 and baseshaft; 5,6

goal on short term:
Length 8
Grith head 5.6, middleshaft 6 baseshaft 6.2

Long term goal min:
Length 9.2
Girth Head 6, middleshaft 6.5, baseshaft 7

Long term goal max:
Lengt 10
Girth Head 6.4, middleshaft 7.5 baseshaft 8
(ofcourse that is a very high placed order, and I dont really need that, but if I get it is oke but not anymore)

My routine: 5 days PE, 2 days rest (these 2 days can be friday, saturday or sunday, its just what comes best.)
Step 1: 5 minut hot wrap
Step 2: 5-10 minut stretching
Step 3: 15 minuts wet jelqing
Step 4: 15 minuts bending in all 4 direction in the way MRorange did it.
Step 5: 5 minuts hot wrap

Step 6: Doing Kegels for 15 minuts on any of time of day which comes best.

My Opinion about PE:

I am 19 years, I am 1.85(dont know how they meisure those lengths in a America, I am sorry) meters long and wheiging 82 kilos. I do body building as a sport, with out using any pills or anything. When I was thinking about PE I thaught that it is a bit like body building and that I could consider the penis as a muscle.

There for I was thinking the penis should get allot of rest if you want to get the best gains out of it.
when I train, I train like two groups of muscles everytime, after I done this group, this group has to rest atleast 2 days before you should train that group again so the muscle can recover, if you do not do this the next time you work out will have no effect because your muscle is still weak, this is the same i think with the penis except that the penis is not a real muscle, thats why I think two days rest in a weak is enough.

With Kegels I think its different, because then you are training a real muscle that is attached to the penis( iIdont remember the name of the muscle), I think you do this excersize till you cant do it any more you should atleast give it 1 or 2 days to let it rest. But that is only my opion.

I hope I am a fast gainer, but you never know ofcourse. I am a fast gainer when it comes to body building, Ialways was already good build, but I also grow very fast in strength and in shape of my biceps, triceps, shoulders, etc. I have this friend who always goes with me, he trains 3 to 4 times in a weak, i only 1 till 2 times in a weak. I have bigger arms then him and I am not much weaker then him. And while he trains more and is 2 years older and does some heavy work (I am still a student). I also have another friend he is also doing bodybuilding for over 1 year now and he did not became bigger only stronger.

So i trying to make clear that i hope to be a fast gainer, maybe there will be a relation between this, but maybe not. If you would consider the penis as a muscle, you could think of the gains ike getting bigger arms, and getting stronger by have stronger and longer erections.

If it is a bit like that, I think and I hope I will gain allot!

I will keep you all posted of my expierens and gains.
Also I have a girlfriend, and if a get any gains I wonder if see will notice, I will give you the details then.
I must say that in some positions i already hurt my girlfriend, these are positions I can give the most. I must be my length I think, that hurts her? Well i heard most girls will ajust to new lengths but after a year of sex I still hurt her. But i not that interest in lenghts anyway, I do it more for the grith.

Well i keep you guys posted, sorry for the bad english.

Hey, welcome to the forum, would just like to stop you with MrOranges technique untill you are a bit more conditioned to PE, it is quite a harsh technique and you should start off with just the stretches and Jelqing for a month or so. MrOranges technique is still be tested by a few of the pro’s, It could be a great addition to a PE session, But leave it untill you are more experienced. The jelqing is great for now and you have good starting stats - you don’t want to damage yourself while already at a nice size.

Good luck with PE and good luck with the bodybuilding too!

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Oh and as for the length, you could be hitting her cervix, search the site for info on the “cul-de-sac” and you should find out how to use your length as a big advantage over others at average size.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Thanks for the tips!

Your right, I will only do stretching and jelqing the first month thats, I must not overdo it with difficult excersizes in the beginning.

I understand the cul-du-sac thing now, i can always make her come easy, but i can try it as a advanche.

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