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My progress report, 1 month

My progress report, 1 month

Hi guys.

I have been on the newbie routine now for 1 month - and I havenĀ“t lost focus for even a second.
As I said earlier, is my bible! :)

As you can see on my progress report I started at

BPEL 7,04” (17,6cm) and EG 4,96” (12,4cm)

Now, one month later I’m happy to present to you - my newbie gains:

BPEL 7,2” (18cm) and EG 5,2” (13cm)

I’m so happy right now:) Had some doubts about this in the beginning but the numbers does not lie, I HAVE GAINED :D

I will stick with the manual stretches and dry/wet jelqs until the gains stop.

Thanks again everyone who has helped me during my ‘newbie for real’ days.. And thank you thunderSS for this great site!


Started: E .Length 7,0" E .Girth 5,0" F .Length 4,8" F .Girth 4,0"

Now: E .Length 7,3" E .Girth 5,8" F .Length 5,5" F .Girth 4,8"

Volume increase: 28,7%

Nice gains chucki. Keep it up.

When you measure in centimenter and it is converted to inches it doesn’t seem like a big jump. Or his ruler goes up to 1/64th of an inch.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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Congrats on your results !! Keep going !

Keep up the good work!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Congrats Chuck, keep going at it!

Nearly hitting the one month benchmark, no length gain so far,a minimal increase in girth and harder erections.Thank you P.E.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Hi Chucki, congratulations on the gains! Good to see you haven’t lost focus and have been sticking to it religiously. I hope this kind of focus and determination will bring you the results you want in PE and less important areas(career, life,relationships etc). Anyway man keep up the good work!


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