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My program, evolution, and questions

My program, evolution, and questions


I´m doing Pe exercises from three weeks ago.
My program it is:

2 minutes of warm up
10 minutes of stretching (up down lateral and circular movements)
15 minutes of jelq
2 minutes of warm up

300 kegels

My measures is BPEL 15cm x 12cm. I don´t see any difference of size in my erection, but in normal state I feel a little bigger.

My program is good?

When I have to increase for 20 minutes of jelq and do V-stretch movement for example?


Sounds good. Add say 1-2 minutes of stretching per week and 2-3 minutes of jelqs per week too, if you feel your penis is always staying in a good health.

After three months see what have you gained and it will be time to consider if changes to your routine are needed.


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