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My penis is hot


Ummm… I’ll be honest with you. You’re ****ing paranoid. If you’ve had some recent changes in your diet your metabolism could just be acting up. If you feel no PAIN you’re ok, if somethings actually wrong with you, your body will tell you… in the form of pain.

P.S. - Have you been doing any drugs lately? More specifically amphetamines? But any drug for that matter (yes, that includes legal ones) can screw up the way you perceive your body temp. Pharmaceuticals, amphetamines and alcohol are three I would definetly look out for. Of course cannabanoids as well as several other lesser known ones could cause the same effect.

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Are you still feeling hot? It’s been a long time now sens your first post?

I’m still hot Tung, I’ve been hot for an estimated 55hrs now (approx. 2.5 days). My body temp is relatively stable around 98-99 according to my new thermometer :) I don’t know what to believe.

Well, Tung, I’ll bite, how can I prove I have some sort of energy? I’ve seen those TV shows on Combat Chi were a man is kicked in the groin, but I don’t think I’m going to attempt that one.

Lol, wise not to try any of that stuff.

Do you feel hot on the inside or is it on the outside ( your skin) or maybe both?

I can only speak from my own experience and I have never heard of any one being hot that long, as for my self I get hot on the skin while doing slow Tai chi and I’m literally dripping from my palms, and while doing Qi gong I get hot on the inside, but it goes away after a while.

Best advice I can give is to contact a Chinese Medical Doctor, Acupuncture or some thing like that, it’s hard to find a realy good one, but you might get lucky. Second best is to try to meditate, slow deep breaths, sitting on a chair or lie on your back on the floor.
Relax your body and mind, let every thing go, this is hard but focus on relaxing your muscles. The body has ways of releasing exes chi, but some times it gets stuck and can cause head ache, migraine and other things.

And only way I know of knowing you have energy is feeling it, usually it can be felt at the chakras.

It’s my skin, in various body parts, I woke up and I still had to handle a hot dog for my morning piss. I believe it is hot everywhere, but my out-most extremities: forearms, hands, feet, and calves.

Still hot.

Anyways, one question:

Will having a literally hot penis 24/7 give me better gains via better stretching? No one answered that question.

You should since you are Thunder! I guess I’ll start a stretching routine, which will be pointless. There’s no way on a diet anabolism can occur, and my understanding is, it’s an anabolic process making your penis grow. Well, you can stretch ligaments, I guess I’ll play with it.

I’ll rephrase what I said clearly, sorry. According to thing I read, there are 2 ways to increase length, 1 being anabolism of the penile tissue, and 2 being the stretching of the ligaments. I was assuming that since increasing penile tissue size was an energy consuming process, it would not happen on a diet.

I have no idea about the heat problem, and everyone I asked, all the forums I’ve been on, no one has an idea why :(

Tung has an idea.

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Plastikosman what kind of PE where you doing, and for how long?

Originally Posted by sunshinekid
Why don’t you just go to the doctor?

When that happens to me, I’m having a power surge. It goes away.

Now there’s a new one for “hotflash”

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

Originally Posted by plastikosman

Let’s say I’ve been doing extensive cardio the past month..

Maybe that`s your cause right there. From what I know, cardio can give a better blood circulation in your body`s extremities(aka hands, feet, dick).


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