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My PE Journey

My PE Journey

Well, I just started my PE yesterday. My starting stats are 7X5, which I’m really self conscious about. I know my girlfriend has been with larger even though she has never said so. I guess I just wish I was larger and had girls comment on my size. I’ve only had one girl mention I was big and it sometimes wears on me mentally. I truly hope PE works and I can reach my goal of 8x6. At that size I would feel much more confident. Funny thing is, I’m a pretty good looking guy and have never had any problems getting women to sleep with me and more often than not have them come back for more.. But I want to know I’m one of the larger guys they’ve been with. It would definitely help my self esteem. Below is the routine I’m going to use. I would appreciate any suggestions, and/or tips on how to achieve my goals, what to expect as well as any success stories from people starting with my same stats. Thanks.

Monday Wednesday Friday
5 minute warm up with hot cloth
9 minutes manual stretching
10 minutes jelqing
5 minute warm down

Welcome! I came to hate using the hot cloth since one has to keep adding hot water to it. I also didn’t find it to be that effective. I suggest a rice sock. Fill a sock with rice, tie it off, microwave it for a minute or so (depends on sock thickness and amount of rice), and then set that ON your unit. It provides deep, moist heat.

Started (6-10-12) BPEL: 7.000", NBPEL: 6.0" EG: not certain

Current (10-20-13) BPEL: 7.75", NBPEL: 6.375", EG: 4.875"

Goal: NBPEL: 7.5", EG: 5.5"

Thanks for the tip. I have to be honest. I’m new to the whole PE thing and am a little skeptical that it works. Have you noticed gains? If so, how long did it take until you saw them?

Good luck on PE!

And for comparison, my goal is 7”x5.5”….you’re already a pretty big guy! Keep your chin up, dick hard, and hips a moving….you’ll rock your girl’s world

Start 01/03/2012: BPEL 5.5" EG 4.75"

1st Goal: BPEL 6.5" EG 5.0"

Current: BPEL 6.625" EG 4.85" from the Linear Newbie Routine

You’re one honest bastard. I want to be her largest…that is refreshing honesty from a young gun. The rice sock is better than buckets of hot water, trust me.

Your schedule is light. That’s probably good for couple months, but for most people, more work equals more gains. Be careful with intense girth work at first. Don’t pull too hard when stretching. Keep it smooth, holmes.

But the main fact is, more is better for most people. The more you stretch the longer you will be. When you get hardcore, your gains will continue after newbie gains.

You’re already big, but not undeniably whoa damn hey baby it’s huge big. Go ahead and condition yourself for awhile, listen to your penis. A working cock is always better. Build up to the heavy vet routines.

So I have stuck with my routine going 1 day on 1 day rest. I haven’t noticed too much of a difference yet, other than I seem to be more aware of my penis especially in the flaccid state. One thing I really want to focus on is girth. I am at about 5” now and it feels pretty skinny in my hand, which is very disappointing. Any suggestions?

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