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My first post...Suggestions

My first post...Suggestions

I guess I feel pretty weird with this whole thing, initially speaking. Not small, but never been 100% with things below either.

Most of my experiences were with women more experienced than I, and of my last two relationships, both had good things to say…I’m no moron and realize that that most women aren’t going to complain, but these were not your average girls, they were women and we had a very honest relationship. As much as they loved having sex (before we were together), they would have left me if something was wrong…I was honest with my insecurity, and they were honest with me about it (saying not too big and not small). In conclusion, I’m told I use it well, which made me feel really good, but that is not enough for me. Call me crazy, and I’ll never criticize a woman again for wanting larger breasts. I know that feeling now.

So I have been reading for the past few days, and am a little reserved to get going right away on a newbie routine. What I dislike about these forums is that there are so many suggestions and such that you have to find your own way of doing what works, however, I like to ask what is the most consistant Newbie routine that will avoid some of the dangers I read about.

I am basically just shy of 6 inches erect with a fairly large head. Seeking a little more length and NEED some girth. I can look at what I have and see that it’s nothing to complain about, but if it can be better for me, I want to do what it will take.

What is the difference between jelqs and stretches, and how do you do the kegels.

If I need to search more I will, but like I said, on these forums you get one guys idea, then another chimes in with a different one, and then you sometimes have a debate which can leave new guys like myself in wonder.

Thanks in advance for the help.



Welcome to thunders! And yes, there are more opinions here on how to do things than Carter has little liver pills.

The best advice I can give you is to follow the Newbie Routine that was developed. It is tried and true. And keep reading, especially the threads with the little yellow balloons as those have some of the best info there.

Now as far as the other questions, jelq’s involve a milking movement, where a stretch is just that, stretched a pull outward, upward or downward. A kegal is a voluntary contraction of the pc/bc muscle which is located in the space between the sac and the anus.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, especially if after doing a search you still aren’t satisfied with the information.

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Welcome JYD!

Think of jelqing, stretching and kegels as the basics or as the meat & potatoes of your PE diet. The little different variations everyone has would be different spices, but it all comes back to the basics, which sunshinekid has covered. Hungry for more? (Sorry, bad joke… had to do it.:) )

Check out this Jelqing Tutorial. It covers jelqing very well.

And reading this thread is a good way to understand a lot of the techniques and terminology that is constantly being thrown around.


cool…I’ll continue my reasearch before I make a move on any set schedule.

I appreciate your responses.


I am going to begin doing the newbie routine suggested at the top of the newbie forum.

My question is, will this also improve girth, or should I add an additional excercise later on?



Jelqing does more for girth than length for most people. Depends on the person. I suggest you just try the newbie routine for a month and see what kind of results you get and go from there. Play it safe, start simple.

Welcome aboard JYD.

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