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My first night

My first night

Tonight, I have First started my PE exercises. After performing a hot wrap for about 6 minutes, I did about 100 Jelq’s, hot wrapped again, did some manual stretching, hot wrapped for the last time, and called it a night. I immediately noticed a difference, even if only just the temporary stretch. I noticed however that during my Jelq’s, my penis was erecting a bit to the side. Hours later, my lower abdomen and area behind the base of the penis as well my penis itself are having some odd tingling sensation. I am wondering if I have perhaps done something wrong. Any help?

Welcome to the forum, Zombi!

Erecting to the side? Do you normally have any bend in your erections?

Odd tingling sensations sound okay. The point of the newbie routine is to condition your penis to the new stimulation, so that all you feel is “odd tingling sensations,” rather than excruciating pain, when you move onto a more intense routine.

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I haven’t heard off odd tingling before, but it doesn’t sound bad. Pain, pain is bad. Let your unit get used to the exercises, it may have just been in a daze. Do you wet jelq? If so you may want to consider stretching first. It must be hard to get a solid grip for stretching with lube on your dick.

Welcome to Thunder’s


Thank you for the welcomes, I already feel like part of the community.

This morning I awoke and had no problems urinating, with the exception of a slight tingle from the under-section right beneath the head. Also, my penis in it’s flaccid state was much smaller than normal. I was wondering if I have injured myself and if I should halt my program until a specified amount of days.

Yeah. Sounds like you had some newbie enthusiasm going on there Zombi. Take a break for a couple of days until the tingling goes away and the flaccid comes back. Then start again. This time ease up a bit. Take your time. This is a marathon, not a sprint (man, haven’t used that one in a little while)


I wouldn’t even consider it a race. Click on my stickies below to learn about some aspects of PE.

Hey! You messing with my marathon analogy pal. Great! Now I have to think of another one.


Originally Posted by RoomToGrow
Hey! You messing with my marathon analogy pal. Great! Now I have to think of another one.

You can’t be a post whore without nitpicking.

OK, upon inspection in the shower tonight, I discovered that the source of the problem is, in fact, the Testicles. The tingling went away as of this morning, but it later relocated to my Scrotum. I checked while in the shower, and it turns out that my left Testicle’s ‘line’ is connected further up on my penis, about half way up the bottom half of the shaft. This creates a tingling sensation whenever moved. It also makes walking feel a tad bit awkward. The other one is connected at the base of the penis, which I imagine is normal. What can I do to fix this?


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