My decision tree

I’m relatively new to PE, but have been reading a lot on this forum during the past couple of months. Personally, to stay motivated and focused, I find it important to understand why exactly I’m following a particular routine. When digging through the information on this forum, I found it hard to see the forest through the trees at times.

That’s what made me write this post. I don’t want to claim any particular knowledge or to introduce a new theory. It’s just a summary of how some of the different theories (that I found plausible) might fit together in a broader picture. Just bringing different pieces of the puzzle together. The result is sort of a decision tree. I hope that other newbies find it useful and that some of the vets can comment on what makes sense and what not.

Step 1
Starting point of my decision tree would be the TGC (Tissue Growth Clues) theory, as introduced by remek and Iguana. Briefly summarised this theory states that if your BPFSL is less than 0.5” greater than your BPEL and you have rather hard erections, you should probably consider a routine that is more length than girth focused (I.e. More stretching than jelqing). In the opposite case, you should focus on girth first.

Go to step 2 if your BPFSL is less than 0.5” greater than your BPEL and you have rather hard erections.

Step 2
We’ll focus on stretching first. It’s commonly accepted that if there are any gains to be made from stretching the ligs, you should focus on that first. Lig gains are the quickest gains to be made (if there is potential for it) and require the least amount of force and intensity. If you start stretching with focus on other parts which often require more force, you toughen the ligs and may not get the most easy and obvious gains to be made!

Here, I would like to refer to your LOT. I know the LOT theory is not commonly accepted, but I just want use a part of it that seems plausible to me. I do believe that if you have a high LOT, there is potential for quick lig gains. Firegoat posted a nice routine in the. Thread ‘Length gains’.

If your LOT is low and you do not see any quick gains (other than e.g. Small gains from improved EQ), I believe its recommended to quickly move on to step 3, especially if you BEG is also bigger than your MEG. Spending too much time on unproductive lig stretches may start to toughen up area’s which contain your actual gain potential.

Step 3
If you’re out of luck on quick lig gains, your focus should be on stretching the tunica, which involves a different technique than lig stretching. However, it is possible that your tunica gains will be blocked by dorsal/septum thickening (see the post of djrobins).

If you have a noticeable upward curve, chances are high you are limited by dorsal/septum thickening. I call this ‘bad luck’, as it probably means you will fall in the category of the hard gainers. Normal tunica exercises will probably produce only limited gains, will toughen up your tunica and hinder further growth. You should first focus on the dorsal/septum thickening. The dorsal/septum thickening is a lot harder to stretch than the tunica. As you will need to apply more force, you will also toughen up the tunica, which in its turn will make it harder again to achieve gains. Therefore, finding the right balance will be key here. Fulcrum stretches with a lot of heat appear to be the recommended approach here.

If you don’t have an upward curve, go to step 4

Step 4
Hurray! Length gains should be easier to achieve for you than anyone else if you do it smart. Remember that tunica stretches come from mild, prolonged and repeated stretches. I believe Mem’s routine would probably be very adequate here. Also, inverted V stretches and A stretches should do you good.

How does the Newbie Routine fit in this?
It doesn’t. Some aspects of the Newbie Routine seem totally inefficient to me, depending on your situation. That’s probably why it produces gains for some, but not for all. Is this a reason to skip the Newbie Routine? No! As far as I understand, the main objective for the Newbie Routine is to condition the penis for the harder work that will follow and to avoid injuries. Keep that in mind

E.g. If you have a low LOT, an upward curve and hard erections (like me), chances are high that the Newbie Routine will not give you quick gains, other than maybe slightly improved EQ. However, if you would immediately start with heated fulcrum stretches to focus on the dorsal/septum thickening, you will probably end up with an injury.

I hope this makes sense to you all (and bear with me, I’m not a native English speaker). And now, let’s hope I can get some gains soon too!