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More good stuff about Thunders

More good stuff about Thunders

I’ve been spending some time looking at the statistics. Especially starting sizes. The best thing is that no one has any real reason to lie about their stats so we can be pretty sure that what we see is what’s really happening. (Unlike some other sites that want to sell you something and you only feel more inadequate after reading their b.s.) Anyway, after some research, I really feel good about having an almost 5.5” EG. Also knowing that I can be more than average. This is real!! I’m more motivated than ever. Now, I need to get disciplined enough to take rest days. I don’t want to stop jelqing and stretching!

Same here. I hate taking days off.


When you work with high intensity or experience an accumalation of soreness, a day off is hard to avoid.

Thanks AH. I’ve found that out the hard way. I guess we get smarter with experience.


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