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Moisturize your penis

Moisturize your penis

Was wondering if anyone else does this?

I put a bit on after the shower. Seems to make it softer, especially around the head (circumcised) which can become rough.

Also wondering if certain vitamins within the moisturizers promote cell regeneration (ie. Vitamin K, vitamin E and so on)?

Usually after my workout ii will lotion up and I will on rest days. When I started getting stretch marks I started to rub a and d ointment on my piece


I use a long lasting moisturiser when I am doing wet jelqs.

Seems to keep things pretty ok

Good luck

I jelg with 100% aloe vera at least some of the time - no problems with dryness

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My status thread

Baby oil with aloe and vitamin E

I jelq with olive oil, and usually leave on, but removing any excess, so as not to stain the sheets. Some say olive oil is bad, but it seems ok for me.

Non scented hyper allergenic lotion. Baby oil after you get out of the shower to retain moisture. Use the baby oil a few times a week. Lotion when ever you can. Your setting yourself up for a really soft and smooth penis.

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I use unscented Albolene for jelqs and masturbation. I wipe most of it off, but some stays behind. This keeps me nicely moisturized.

Great jack-off lube, (good in bed for foreplay with your girl. Makes clitorises very happy) but the actual purpose of it is a makeup remover/moisturizer. No detergent involved it is a moisturizer. Sold at the drugstore in the makeup area.

In the ads they talk about keeping young looking skin forever. I guess this is why my penis looks 18 even though I am in my 50’s

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