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Model Cast of Your Penis


Model Cast of Your Penis

I want to make a cast of my penis Pre-PE and use it to compare. I feel that this will be the best for me, and also an interesting experiment. What would be the easiest, and safest, method of doing this?


Make one out of construction paper and duck tape. Or you could use regular modeling clay and make one from that.

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What about plaster of paris? Construction paper and duck tape wouldn’t work for what I want, and modeling clay.. Would that even be feasible for a good mold? I am thinking of a mold that hardens.

Yes, google is a good place to start. From my understanding, there are many kits for penis casting ready to go right out of the box.

Personally, I would have some interest in making a silicon mold of mine. Then my girlfriend could try “before” and “after” me. Let’s hope that she does not like “before” more, heh!

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All the kits are like $50 though. I do wish there was an inexpensive way to just get a dimensionally correct physical representation of my dick for comparison purposes down the line. It’s true that that could be major source of inspiration and satisfier of curiosity since measurements aren’t nearly so real and also are subject to variation in measurement technique.

I have no interest in making a dildo, so I don’t need the thing to be all lifelike, flexible, durable, etc. Good for jamming into vagina over and over as toy. Anyone here an expert on plaster or paper mache or anything else cheaper than making an actual dildo? It would be awesome if we could make $10 models of our dicks to keep track of how things are going and get more real sense of what we are accomplishing.

Cheap, simple, and fast, yet accurate? Well, I thought about this for awhile. How about aluminum foil?

I tried it and it worked okay. Get an erection. Wrap a sheet of aluminum foil around your full erection, as smooth as possible and without too much extra foil . Squeeze all up and down to make an accurate “cast.” Trim excess foil from tip. Let erection die and careful pull off “cast” when you can.

My head was a bit too soft and it did not “cast” too well. My model lost length but gained girth with my model, which makes sense. I will try again when i have a rock hard lasting erection to get a better “cast.”

Anyway, it was kind of cool to make a model so quickly because I could hold up my model next to everyday objects almost instantly. It was pretty fun and worth doing even if it wasn’t a very perfect model.

The only big down side is delicacy. Maybe the foil could act as a mold for plaster of paris? Or perhaps I can reinforce the foil somehow?

Oct 2006: BPEL: 7.75" NBPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.125"

Goal: 17+ cubic inches of volume, someday, currently inactive

Maybe if you get a full erection and wrap it in clay, then take off the clay and fill it with plaster of Paris. Also, if you are worried about putting the clay around your dick then you could always wear a condom while doing it.

If it works good, you could do it again, but instead of plaster use eating jelly. Could be a bit of fun in the bedroom.

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I think this is a great idea! To clone your penis and compare the old you vs the new you after some months of PE :)

The best route to go is buying a kit like mentioned above.. I have a lot of experience with plaster, along with various materials and making molds and castings of things.. Making the mold out of plaster of paris isn’t a good idea.. As plaster sets, the chemical reaction with the water makes it heat up to a fairly high temperture.. Not a place I want to leave my dick.. If you want to cast it in plaster from a rubber mold etc.. Then you should place something in the center for reinforcement while it’s being cast since plaster isn’t that strong.. One slip off the table and it could crack in half.

Are there any specific instructions with this? It is fine to touch the skin? So I basically just spread some of it around the penis and testicle area and wait for it to harden, then somehow remove it and then fill it with some casting material, right? I need to search for how to use this stuff, but thanks for the link!

Originally Posted by Lawg2B

Google: cast penis kit

There are millions of em

Millions? I found like maybe three or four sites that have kits, but they are mostly like for dildos, which would be awkward to have around the house for sure.

Wow you guys are ridiculous.


Why? I’d say you were ridiculous, but then I’d be no better. :P

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