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Hi, my first post ever… here goes.

When measuring BPL do you measure from along the top or along the side?

I get like a 1.5 inch difference if measured from the top. (shorter)

I know from a progress point of view its irrelivent—as long as you measure the same way all the time- but from a hey my phallus is ……. long, it could cause embarrassment.

I would measure at the top, as do most people. I don’t think people generally use a ruler for the “hey my phallus is …… long” situation, since they don’t want to be embarrassed either.

For now I’m “over 7” (8”BPEL) :D

Welcome to the board!

Correct way is to measure it from the top, but in my case it is very difficult to press the ruler to the pubic bone due to thick fat pad. Instead, I position the ruler at the right side of the penis, then push its starting edge towards the pubic bone. IOW, I do two step movement of the ruler, first position it at one side and then a lateral motion to reach in between the fat and the bone. This gives me the most accurate BPEL measurement.

Soon to be 9''.


Its just that the PE database tells you to measure it from the side-so im guessing there are a lot of incorrect lengths judging that mine differs by 1.5 inches if its measured from the top compared to the side.
ow well just means ive got to start Jelqing the night away……………………

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