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Making myself known

Making myself known

Hello I am new here at Thunders and just wanted to introduce myself. I am on a process of self improvement. Which will include fat loss, muscle gain and PE. My main goal is to be a “show-er”.

I am going to concentrate on length gains with girth increasing with the fact that I am working my penis.

Pledge can is my inspiration and warning. A can of pledge is 9” x 7 1/4” . Great length but to much girth.

I am starting a newbie routine and will do alot of stretching for length. I have a low LOT. In fact I don’t notice a loss of tug back. Think I may be doing it wrong so I am going to try it again.

O.k. here are my measurements and goals.

BPEL- 6 1/4”
EG - 6 1/2” (base) 6 1/4” (mid) 6” (head)

FL - 4”
FG - 5 3/4” (base) 5 1/2” (the rest)


BPEL - 9”
EG - 6 1/2” (all over)

FL - 6 1/4”
FG - 5 3/4” (all over)

I know I have a nice starting girth and average length but I want better. But doesn’t everyone here at Thunders.

Thanks for the time.
Pledge can

Hi pledge, welcome aboard!

Yes, you do have a good starting size, which PE will only help improve. You sound like you’ve done your research and are aware of the risks involved. That’s a good thing and should serve you well in PE and your other personal improvement goals. Keep up the positive attitude and I’m sure you’ll do well. Have fun and good luck!

Hi pledge, welcome to the board!

I like your positive attitude. Keep that and you should do very well.

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