Making it more cylindrical, increasing roundness on top

Hey guys,

Like most men, the dorsal surface of my penis is relatively flat, giving my penis the triangular ovoid shape caused by it’s three chambers. However, because it’s so flat on top I lose a lot of the girth I could be having with the same measured girth, and the flatness makes the whole thing just feel weird and small in my hand. I’ve been working with Ulis, modified horse squeezes, and jelqing to increase the volume of my corpus spongiosum, and it’s been working (not sure how much I’ve gained - haven’t made solid measurements), but I would like for the tops of my corpus cavernosums to fit together better and feel slightly more rounded on top.

Ever since I started my routine (mostly dry jelqs, dry reverse jelqs, and squeezes, with some ulis and modified horse squeezes) the little guy feels thicker in my hand but even after I noticed a thicker feeling in my hand the girth measurement still didn’t go up. In fact, I had thought I was 5.25” MS EG in October, but I measured a month ago and came up with 4.75” MS EG, and now it’s about 5.00-5.125” MS EG. Maybe I made myself more cylindrical without increasing my girth, then got newbie girth gains?

I don’t really want to do pumping or clamping - I’m at a good size already, 8.00” BPEL x 5.00” MS EG, 5.25” BS EG, so this is just kind of icing on the cake for me, and I’d feel weird having penis enlarging paraphernalia around.

I’m just like 1.8” wide by 1.5” or so inches high, with like half an inch being just in the corpus spongiosum, so even thought I’m 5.00” MS EG, my cross sectional area suffers.