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Lot theory and exercises question

Lot theory and exercises question

Hi guys,

So lately I have been doing those test of LOT theory and TGC theory. Found out that probably my tunica is the limit.
My BPFSL is around 7.3” and my BPEL7.1”. My EQ is around 8. I do get Rock hard erections, like when my dick points up and is really hard and veiny. But when I have those moments they last for like 3-5 seconds. When gettin a blowjob, I maintain a rockhard for like 10 seconds.
But it’s not always rockhard so I suppose I say EQ=8

About my LOT:
I’ve stand in the mirror to test it out. I have this tugback at 12, but it fades away at like 9, but I still see it contract. It’s completely gone between 7-6.
So I suppose this also says that the tunica is my limit.

I was really into clamping, but I guess I need to give that up and start the stretching again? In the past when doing PE, I used to do low stretches, downward. Now I’ve red on TP that I need to do high stretches, but I really hate those because I never have a good grip when stretching upwards(11-12 o clock).

So my questions are:

1) I’m doing a lot of slow jelqs at 90-100 % erect and clamp them.

Should I stop this routine and completely focus on tunica?

2) What are really effective tunica stretches? I’m not so good at high stretches, so I’m really looking for other options, that are maybe ever better.

I made up a routine for my self, can you guys give it a look?

V-stretch - 5 minutes
Tunica stretch - 10 minutes (tunica stretch is the stretch where you twist your penis and then grab it under glans and pull it)
A-stretch - 10 minutes
Tunica stretch - 10 minutes

How about this routine? Any other exercises that I can put in. Is 35 minutes each day not long enough?

Thanks a lot in advance :)

Nothing on my routine?

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