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Lost half a centimeter.

Lost half a centimeter.

Hey guys! I’m writing on behalf on my buddy who is a non-member to this forum. Thought some of you vets could help him. My buddy started PE about 3 months ago with 10 mins of hot wrap followed by 15 mins of SD and SO stretching which was then followed by 20-30 mins of jelqs. His gains in 3 months were 1.5 cm in EL and 2 cms in SFL. During a hectic working schedule he stopped PE for about a week and then resumed with stretchs only. He did SO, SD, inverted V’s and V’s. Now he is complaining that his dick has become a little tough and that he cannot stretch it out in a flaccid state as much as he could before. In short he seems to have lost half a centimeter . Could anyone figure out what could be wrong. ( He said he had to pull harder now than in the past)


could he have possibly strenthened his ligs? i saw a post before regarding hanging that if you start to hang with a high amount your ligs will toughen up taking it longer to stretch so you should start out small and slowly work up. this could possibly have the same affect as you friend?

Tell your buddy:) that he has been working his dick and is experiencing natural retraction. Tell your buddy congratulations. Your buddy will have to do more work the further he goes with this to continue gains. What phase is your buddy doing?

Thanks all. I think he is in his 3rd month. Do you guys suggest reconditioning for him?



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