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Looking to get bigger


Don’t get bent out of shape over the comment. It’s not often that someone comes on here asking for the size you did. To some it could be considered trolling but if you say you’re serious than I think everyone will believe your motives.

It seems like troll because you wanna gain only 10 inches.

Start 11/01/16 - 5,1" NBPEL 5,6" BPEL 5,47" meg

First goal - 6,3" NBPEL

Maybe he wants to be the new Guinness record holder for largest penis?

Originally Posted by Madoos

How is this thread a “Troll” I expected far less mocking here where we men all share a common goal, if with different outcomes and reasons.

I would suggest buying a ruler and seeing just how big 14” is.Though a standard ruler only goes to 12” so you may have to buy a tape measure. If you got to the stats you have mentioned you would probably have the biggest penis on the planet.

A Small Leak Will Always Sink A Great Ship.

(Fat Pad 0.25")

Let him have his goals. Why should it bother any of us what he wants or not wants ? Nothing like makinng a new guy feel welcome!

Because we want real testimonies that can help other members, not fantasy projects.

Probably that goal is because he didn’t really got inside PE yet. It’s okay that goal anyways if you want to have it - but when you put objectives the idea is to be ambitious but realistic, not gonna explain the reasons why of this.
Read, learn, check out the library and start with 1 inch, then more.

Good luck and remember, you only have one dick! Treat it well ;) .

Are you sure you are not confusing inches and centimeters?

Start 11/01/16 - 5,1" NBPEL 5,6" BPEL 5,47" meg

First goal - 6,3" NBPEL

Absolutely positive. This isn’t a wild idea that just popped in my head one day. I’ve thought about it for years what would be a size that I would be satisfied with personally. The answer is 8-14 inches in length. Someone suggested it’s because I haven’t done PE so don’t understand the impossibility of it. Though I’ve already iterated my knowledge on the matter of possibility. I’m not here specifically for PE. I’m here because we share an objective and with this common goal we all look for new ways of reaching it. It’s possible that I might hear of an answer here that might help me reach my goal.

My goal is serious. My preferences is 14x6 and I hope that will be achievable one day. Not because it’ll break any records, but because that is what I find appealing, not because as some have suggested I have any interest in animals, but as a human.


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