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Little help please

Little help please

I know there are SO many people who doesn’t think it is possible to gain quick but I got strong hope.. I can’t wait a year to see an improvement not even knowing if I will because I wasn’t doing it right.. But forget all that..

I was wondering what some of y’all thought about kegels or whatever the correct terminology is for males..

Does it help with premature ejaculation? Has anyone noticed?
Can you really build it so strong that you can hold your load back if you notice it coming?
Would the urge to cum leave so you can keep going?

I’ve only had sex three times.. Never more than a few pumps and BUST.. Less than 10 seconds.. IT is killing me bad. I’m afraid to have sex now as I am past the age where sex is a learning experience, you know?

ALSO, when doing kegels, it pulls your penis back, this could cancel any P.Enlarging your doing.? How about making it smaller?

Kegels - BC Exercises Kegels are definitely worth doing. Plus you can do them in, “zero time”, multitasking while you drive, watch teevee, attend a class, or whatever.

Reading cheat sheet, your reading list for PE101. It can be a bit overwhelming with all of the threads we have. Your PE101 reading list can make things much less daunting. START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

Hard to do it wrong, we gots moving pictures! Penis Enlargement Videos

Rush things and you will hurt your self. The fastest was to get gains in PE is to take it slow.

Plenty of information on how to last longer. You can read up on that stuff while you are working on getting a bigger wang. Search terms like edging.

A good thread on being a better lover. Dick Control: A Primer An external site that is well worth your time is theclitoris.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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The only thing I noticed is that it makes orgasms feel A LOT better. Holding a strong kegel while you’re about to cum makes the feeling of extasy last longer. It truly is amazing.

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Kegels should help, but it sounds more like you’re psyching yourself out than you have weak BC muscles.

Get comfortable and relax.

There are some motions in sex that might help. You say you don’t last more than a few pumps. Well, focus less on pumping and more on entering as deep as you can and making circular motions, left, right, up, down, etc. Explore. I’ve found these motions are way less stimulating than pumping in and out, but go a long way for the ladies. Focus on your pelvic bone pressing against her clit.

If you want any tips on technique, PM me.

Good Luck.

I’m 19 and I just picked up a 42 year old young looking woman.. I’m supposed to make her feel young again but yeah.. I agree that it is probably a mental thing and is quite stressful.. I can not handle the sensation of the warm and juicy.. I don’t even think sex is all that big of a deal.. But if I can quit worrying on how long I can last then I would probably last longer.

LGhost, there are signs known as PI (physical indicators) that will clue you in on if you are doing your PE routine correctly. Good indicators will clue you in on what you are doing right, and bad indicators will let you know way in advance of a year if you are doing things wrong.

You will do yourself a favor by checking out this great article by sparkyx that breaks it all down: Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

If you take it slow and listen to your body you will do okay. I’m 20 and I get the same urge as you do to build the perfect penis as fast as possible, but resist it. Listen, if you PE too fast or too hard, like many young fellas do, you will set yourself back big time and you could damage what was probably already a fine tool.

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Oh and kegels won’t inhibit growth.

2018 natural size: 7.25” x 6.75”

2028 goal size: 10.25” x 7.25”

Plan: thousands of hours in the X4 extender + manual stretches

I would love for my penis to be bigger but right now thats the least of my concerns.. As long as I get in there half way I’m not that worried.. Lasting longer is my biggest issue.. I knew kegels weren’t to help size but was hoping it would help stamina.. Also, when you stretch and try to kegel, you can feel it pulling it back.. I was just thinking that kegels could mess up ones routine.

Kegels won’t mess anything up.

19 is not passed the point where sex is a learning experience.

Since the problem is mostly in your head, you have to figure out where to focus. Don’t focus on you. Focus on her. If that doesn’t work, focus on math equations or ping pong or bad television theme songs. Something’s going to work for you and it’s very okay that you’re still figuring it out at 19.

This 42 year old woman is probably going to get off on showing you a thing or two. Once women get comfortable with themselves, they’re more likely to know what they want and not be afraid to ask for it. You’ll be fine.


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