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Linear Rountine Questions

Linear Rountine Questions

I just started the Linear Routine last week. This is my second week now, and though I don’t have a ruler at the moment , I’m not really seeing efficient Pi’ s. I had morning wood probably 2 times since I started and I can’t get an erection spontaneously after the workout unless I force myself to. I do 5 min warm-up 20 Jelqs and 5 min warm down until I implement stretches next week. So I want to know if I’m on the right track because I really don’t feel a difference in my penis after a workout.

Just 20 jelqs??

If you meant 200, how often do you rest? Erection level? Grip intensity?

I do 20 jelqs. And my grip is kinda loose and my erection level is semi flaccid

Whats your baseline? By that I mean night wood and spontaneous erections prior to starting PE.

Also what do you mean by “warm-up?”

Thanks in advance for your answers.

(I do want to note you’ve barely started PE so it is way too soon to expect changes)

Idk… I tried to scale up linearly when we first started. My cock couldnt take it. Gains came all the same. I would increase duration or intensity as I felt would work.

Start: Dec 2016 BPEL: 6.125" MEG: 5.5" (5' - 9" 264 lb)

Curr: Oct 2017 BPEL: 6.75" MEG: 5.625" (5' - 9" 245 lb)

Goal: 7.5" x 6" .......I want to win the dick swinging contest.

I haven’t had night wood in a long time . I don’t know my baseline yet. Is my grip to right because I have a loose grip and I didn’t expect changes but my erections are better but I just don’t have night morning or random erections

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