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I know this is a very noob question, but what is libido?

Libido is sex drive my young yogi. May the force be with you.

Is there a way I can increase it? Is it important for penis size?

Hmm male sex drive can be increased by testosterone as far as I know, but a high dosage of testosterone affects more things then just the sex drive. I think there are some things or pills that affect the sex drive. But that’s just what I heard and nothing that I’m sure of, so don’t take my information as granted.

Edit: maybe take a look at the Supplements forum.

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Libido can be affected by numerous things. Stress, anxiety, medication to name a few. . I just had some emercency surgery to correct a side effect of another surgery and right now I have no libido at all! A very unusual situation for me..I’m normally horny all the time. (Probably just as well, though, since I’m not sure how well I could peform with a 8” incision in my belly?!)

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Low libido is usually a result of high estrogen/low testosterone/high prolactin levels. You can combat the first two by changing your diet, living a healthy/active lifestyle, and dropping weight. You could also consider an AI like a-dex.. I wouldn’t go with something like letro because too low levels of estrogen can kill libido as well. For prolactin you could look up chems like cabaser/Bromocriptine/Pramipexole. These are scripts, but you can find them at various research chemical sites that serves as a loophole by suggesting it “not for human use.” For some reason or another killing prolactin levels in males can lead to hyper-sexuality, which hey, who would mind that, and no, prolactin does not serve a reasonable purpose in males.

ED is usually caused by something different but can also be a result of low libido, but also from a variety of thing e.g. High blood pressure/diabetes etc.

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