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Leech Oil ???

Leech Oil ???

Hello; Newbie here !

I was wondering if anyone in this forum has experimented with “Leech Oil” for PE?? I have read what I could find on the Web, and it sounds VERY convincing. It is suppose to promote circulation, which in hand, will promote growth. I have ordered some from ebay and plan on using it as a Jelqing lubricant.

I appreciate any feedback.

Started PE last week……..Starting NBPEL: 6 EG: 5
GOAL: 8 x 6

Hmm. Leeches have some powerful anti coagulants but do they also contain circulation boosting coumpunds? Is leech oil mushed up leeches?

Have you got a link?

I don’t remember anyone metioning using it as a lubricant before. I think about the weirest was Emu oil.

Hey memento; I don’t have a link handy.

It’s NOT made from mashed leeches…….LOL. It’s made from the saliva of a special medicinal leech/ blended with herbs. I’ll try and find some more info.

Thanks for the interest.

Leech Oil Contains:

HIRUDIN: a medical leech (Hirudo Medicinalis) extract that prevents blood clots and keeps blood flow continuously (the chemical that keeps the blood flowing in a leech bite)

Histamine: a chemical from the leech?s salivary cells that serves to increase the diameter of blood vessels thus promoting better blood flow

Nitric Oxide (NO): a molecule in the body that causes blood to flow and prevents blood from flowing out of the intended area into giving rise to an erection (its variances are found in many popular potency pills)

Hyaluronidase ? an enzyme that catalyses the breakdown of hyaluronic acid in the body, thereby increasing tissue permeability to fluids

Pherome ? a hormonal scent that attracts the opposite sex (now commonly sold over the counter as a ?mating-aid? for men)

Thanks for the info Thunder


“leech” is probably an indonesian word for snake…

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Well, Looks like I just bought some really expensive lubricant.

But, If this does happen to aid in gains, I will let you guys know. It should be here next week.

Yes, let us know…..

hmmmmmm leech farming….I wonder….

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

The voices in my head are telling me this is just another magic snake oil rip off. I blame Mustafa al-Marayati

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Well, I finally received my Leech’s Oil. It came direct from Singapore, so it took a while. Enclosed with the bottle was an instruction sheet. It says to apply morning and night and preform this special exercises……..They show jelqing! I will be guaranteed to see a change in 3 days!!

I know one thing, I saw a flaccid change after only 3 days of jelqing without the oil. Kind of makes you think what is causing the change, the oil or the jelqing. I think we all know the answer to that.

I will still continue using. If nothing else, it should aid in improving circulation.

I will post back here in about 2 weeks with any result.

How about a progress thread :)

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