Kegeling before each jelq and during stretches

Would kegeling in blood before each jelq help? How about kegels while stretching? What’s the thought process there?

Also I’m trying out a new jelq, don’t know if there’s a name for it already. Basically it’s a 90 degree overhand grip. Like if you were using your right hand, all your fingers would point to the left. But instead of the normal overhand OK-grip, you hold your middle finger back so it acts as a wedge against your pointer finger which is wrapped around the penis. And your thumb well, do what feels comfortable. My thumb is usually under and meets with my pointer finger. Basically it’s an inverted Cobra Jelq (17ml - 17ML’S Progress Report PicsVids) now that I think about it and feels more like a V-jelq. But it feels different. You guys think this jelq is any good? It’s sort of like a fishhook depending how you do it and it can sort of focus on each side of the penis with each hand. You can sort of pull your penis to the sides in a sort of jelq/stretch.

Am I wrong to think that with jelqing, you should focus more on the top of the penis as opposed to the bottom? I kind of just think that intuitively cause it’s tougher than the scrotum but I don’t really have any logic to back that up.