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Hello all!

I have a question and hoping someone has an issue similar. I am doing Kegels because I have Cerebral Palsy (weak muscles). That being said one of the symptoms is issues with muscle control so every time I Kegel my left thigh and sometimes, strangely enough, my right calf twitch. This obviously gets annoying because I can’t concentrate fully on the PC.

Has anyone had any similar issues? Did you figure out how to fine turn the control?

While I cannot relate in terms of CP, I have found that continuing practice will eventually fine tune your ability to contract only the PC. Focus your mind on strictly the PC muscle and eventually you should be able to contract it alone. I used to contract the whole area when I first began, but now through focusing I have been able to isolate the muscle. Best of luck to you!

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.


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