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Kegel Edge

Kegel Edge

Hi guys I’ve been doing the newbie routine for almost 3 weeks now, and I have a doubt about kegel, first one is should I kegel with my erect penis? I have read about people who kegels along the day or while walking so I guess they probably are doing it while flaccid, but kegel is about tighten the BC muscle so if you do it while erect it’s like lifting up the blood weight inside your cock isn’t it? And should make it more effective right? But it’s hard to keep a erection while kegeling so what I do is edge and then when I’m at my limit I kegel as many times (5 seconds hold and 2 seconds rest) till I go 60-70% erect I mean both exercises have the same objective, to control your ejaculation so why don’t do it together, I also have experienced an ejaculation without orgasm, there was no cumshots, the cum just got out and dripped, it was something that I saw in porn movies, when the guy fucks so hard and when he goes to give the girl a facial the cum only drips of his dick and it looks no fun at all, so I really would appreciate comments and thoughts, thanks

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Hard to keep an erection when you Kegel?

Interesting, because, when I’m in the middle of a sexual encounter and I del my erection weakening, I kegel to keep it up, or at least that’s what works for me. In fact, if I start out flaccid, think erotic thoughts while kegeling, I can often get erect, hands free.

Yes, Kegeling sends more blood to the penis, or that’s how it feels to me.

As to the last sentences, ejaculating without an orgasm, it sounds like you are describing what is called in porn “a ruined orgasm”.

Vice versa, it is also possible to have an orgasm without ejaculating.

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