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Kegals, reverse Kegals and Premature ejac question.

Kegals, reverse Kegals and Premature ejac question.

Since PE, the first time I have sex in a session I find it very hard to control myself. I have to concentrate extremely hard, and I can’t go very fast at all without exploding!!

Now, I have read that kegals and the strengthening of the PC muscle can result in Premature ejaculation.

I have also read about something called reverse kegals which are designed to take tension off of the PC muscle during sex, and taking the urge to cum away, but havn’t quite got to grips with them during sex yet!!

What are everyones opinions on this? When I started with kegals, it was with the impression they did quite the opposite and help with control!

First measurement July 07: BPEL - 7" - EG 5.2" .. 6 month target: BPEL - 7.5" - EG - 5.6"

Going majorly for Girth, Length for show.. Girth for a Pro.

Is not kegel supposed to control erection anyhow?

Kegeling should make your erection harder, as it forces more blood into your shaft. I suggest edging as well as kegel’s johnny1985. That way you can practice kegeling and reverse kegeling to stop an ejaculation under those conditions and than apply it to sex.

Starting BPEL and EG 7 x 5 as of 3/30/07. I'm sure it's bigger now but I'll measure after this tub of vaseline is empty =) of 6/10/07 BPEL 7.25 and EG of 5.6 GOAL: 8 x 6.5...I'm on my way.


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