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Keep it up guys - discipline will pay off

Keep it up guys - discipline will pay off

Hey, just wanted to drop a quick line with where I’m at where I started and what the outcome has been.

Having jelqed for just over 2 years now, I’ve come from a bone pressed 5 3/4 erection to a 7 3/8 erection, now THAT is gains! I never checked my girth originally, however, depending on excitement I’m around 4 7/8th’s to 5 1/8th’s. I assure you my girth has gained, as I know how it felt a couple years back. The glans have really improved - to the point where I showed my girlfriend a jelq and her response was “Wow, that’s huge, now wonder why I have troubles getting it in my mouth!” Imagine my surprise.

If you are here for the same reason I came here, then you’ve found the right place Newbies. I have never felt more ‘endowed’ than when my new girlfriend repeatedly whispered ‘oh my god’ until orgasm! Wow, once again, imagine my surprise and new found pride! Having told her my goal of the infamous 8X6 she responded, “I don’t know, any bigger and it’s going to really start hurting.” Gasp.once again.WOW!!

Read all the info you can in here, this works, no lie - I’ve nothing to gain by fibbing in a world of cyber gainers who I’ll never meet.

Discipline, focus, and a goal - stick to a program - give it time - you’ll reach it!


Then: BPEL = 5.75 EG = 4.5 (2005)

Now: BPEL = 7.38 EG = 5.25 (2007)

Time spent = 1+ year commited

Cool post dude, thanks for sharing.

One question though, just jelqing?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Yay! This gives me so much hope!! ^_^ It’s so encouraging!! My long term goal is 7 inches…or MORE! hahaha!!

5.3" NBPEL.

BPEL 6.5-6.7" Goal: Anything!

Girth: 5" but getting bigger. ;)

I like stories like this one!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

These type of posts encourage me to keep going.. Even though I haven’t seen gains yet.

Left but back, just don't feel right without it.

NEW GOAL - 7 Length / 6 Girth

It is always encouraging to hear success stories. I have been PEing for almost two years now, but it has been off, and on. I have gained an inch in girth, and a 1/4 inch in length. I was hoping to go for length first, and then go for the girth, but I kind of started before I found Thunders, and didn’t really know what I was doing. On the plus side the added girth has been nice, and I did have a woman tell me that I had a big dick after we had sex. I said “big”? She said “ya, it is thick”. It certainly gave me a big boost in confidence, and made me feel like all the time that I had put in was starting to pay off. Now, I really need to get serious about sticking to a length routine.

Almost forgot, congrats Rajjuh, and thank you for sharing.

Yes, reading these make me glad that within time I’ll get a giant surprise from a girl saying “I thought Asian guys are suppose to be small.” or my current girlfriend saying.”I thought guys stop growing after a certain age.” Any thing close to that will make me smile from one ear to another.

Quite encouraging.

But Rajjuh, you’ve only been Jelqing?

Nice one Sir!

I'm fed up of having a signature!

Thanks for the well written encouraging story. It’s nice when someone takes the time to do something for others. Good luck in any other future endeavors I’m sure you will succeed at whatever you set out to do

That’s an astonishing gain in my opinion, very well done Sir.

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