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Keep going flaccid during jelqing

Keep going flaccid during jelqing

I try to maintain a constant 70% erection but I keep going flaccid very quickly. How can I keep an erection?

Yeah I find I have this problem too, what I usually do is jelq whilst watching a porno :) ….might sound tacky but it kinda helps….. sometimes even that tho wont keep my erection and I have to stop jelqing and masterbate to a fuller erection and then start jelqing again.

Are you doing wet or dry jelq’s? I find it easier to maintain an erection if I wet jelq rather than dry.

I’m doing wet jelqs

I use olive oil when jelqing and at first I find it maintains ok.,.but after about a hundred or so I feel it going soft and it just dosent seem to have the same effect when softer.

I just stop and do some recreational massaging until I get it up again. This might take 4 or 5 time during a session.

The problem is , at least in my case, is that I try to disassociate jelqing with sex. I do this in order to keep control and not shoot a load.

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