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Just starting PE

Just starting PE

I just finished completing my first PE exercise. I performed a hot wrap for 5 minutes, then I stretched for a minute or two, then I jelqed for around 15 minutes. I quit because I felt a slight tingle. Anyone else have same experience first time performing thew newbie exercise?

Also, I’m looking to increase my length 1” and girth around an inch or two in a years time. Is this possible in a year? I would like to gain about 2” overall, but from my understanding, that’s not likely in a year, so what about 1 inch?

What kind of workout do I need to perform to achieve this goal, and what are some supplements some of you would suggest to speed up the process? I’m a little reluctant to use weights. To me, that seems like a very painful and risky approach to PE. I didn’t think weights gave lasting gains either.


The tingling is normal so long as it doesn’t last when you’re not doing it and it is not a hurting tingle.

Gaining an inch in a years time is very possible, just be patient and dedicated.

For right now, just stick with the newbie routine and good luck with your gains!

Oh, I also suggest reading alot of the posts on the Thunder’s forums. You will learn ALOT.

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