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Just started

Just started

I’ve just recently started PEing (31st Jan)
And was wondering if anyone could give any help/advice/comments on my routine;
I PE on Mon, Tue, Thurs and Fri leaving Wed, Sat and Sun as rest days

Warm up for 5 mins
Stretching in down left and right directions for 1 minute at a time
(I repeat the stretch three times for each direction)
Apply some more heat
250-300 jelqs
50 palm down jelqs
Warm down

I perform my kegels throughout the day as I’m normally on a bus for 1-2 hours a day so it stops me from getting bored and gets them done.

When I do my palm down jelqs I try to perform a kegel beforehand to pump more blood into my penis. I use a stroke time of about 5 seconds when I do these. I find these quite tough on my hands though but they make my dick fell like it’s really expanding especially when I get to the head.

I’ve so far done 7 sessions and have noticed a difference in the appearance in that it looks more muscular, so I’m guessing something is working?

I’m trying not to over do it although on my days off I feel I could do another session ( and I want to) but rest is needed and I don’t want to get too egar.

Any comments or possible improvements on my routine would be great from more experienced PE’ ers

Less is always better. Now I’m not that of an experienced PE’er but my experience tells me that you have to listen to your body. I would say that if your body tells you it can take more you should do it. Your program doesn’t seem that intens so I think 2 restdays are enough. But if you feel even the slightest discomfort or notice a decrease in morning wood,red spots or any negative effects you’re overtraining! So you really need to back off then for a while.

Although if this routine is working for you I wouldn’t change it. When you notice you aren’t making any gains anymore I would put in another session so you only have 2 restdays. I know everybody’s different, but I never had any problems with 2 rest days and I did this from the beginning. There are even some guys who just have 1 rest day or have no rest days at all! But they are experienced and know their body. So the main thing is that you ALWAYS have to LISTEN TO YOUR DICK. That’s what I’ve learned from looking at several threads and of course my own experience.

Now I don’t have anything more to say than, good luck and have a safe journey!

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That’s good advice, flygreg.

You might add stretching in all directions, fructis. Big Al used to call it The Helicopter, I think. Imagine a large clock face in front of you. Stretch toward all the numbers on it. This shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. There are guys here who spend a whole lot more time at stretches, but for me they just become tiring.



Your main problem is that the title of your post isn’t “My First Post” :mutley:

Welcome to Thunder’s fructis,

Looks like a nice beginning routine. It should work well for you for a while. It’s always nice to see new guys understanding how to start things the right way. PE is very addicting and exciting. The word of caution that I will give is not to get overly anxious. That will lead to over doing things which will lead to injury. As flygreg so wisely instructed….keep things slow. Patience and dedication are to attributes you must have when PEing.


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