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Just so I'm clear on my LOT

Just so I'm clear on my LOT

Ok, I have probably read every single thread about the LOT theory and I still don’t get alittle of it.. So please someone just clarified this question for me.

When I pull my dick directly up towards my belly button (and do a kegel) there is a strong tugback reaction. When I pull my dick down towards my feet (with a kegel) there is no tugback. When I pull my dick directly straight out (with kegel) there is a small tugback.

So with this information would you say I should focus on lengthening my tunica or ligaments first. Feel free to tell me what my LOT is or any other information you can give!


I’m really surprised that having read “every single thread about the LOT theory” you haven’t seen the ones that say: LOT theory was for hangers and it does not apply to any other PE exercises AND that it has no basis in human physiology AND that it has largely been determined to be invalid. Since I’m the one posting most of the negative responses I guess I’m miffed that you’re overlooking my opinion. :mad:

Just kidding, about being mad. However, you obviously want the LOT theory to be something helpful so you must be reading only the “positive” posts. Ignore your LOT and follow the guidelines cheeva pointed you to.

Speaking as another member who thinks LOT is a lot of hooey, pay attention to what westla is telling you.



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