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Just my ranting

Just my ranting

I keep coming here, and disappearing. Awhile back I bought a mighty vac and made my own pump. First go about it, I overdid it with time and pressure, and although I didn’t exactly injure myself, I didn’t like the white color, extra skin I developed around my bracciole. I gave up on it again. Frigg this PE crap, yada, yada, yada. Then afterwards I realized that getting frustrated was just absolutely useless. As long as I’m careful, even if I don’t get any gains, I made the attempt and I was truly no worse off than where I started. So, now with a new attitude about myself, I embarked on this journey again. I’ve also gained 3/8ths of an inch in almost a months time. For those that might speculate into the measurement as possibly a newbie measuring erro, I have learned how to measure awhile back. The best part is, I wasn’t fully erect either. This is also outside the tube. I also had to find a way to keep at my routine. I also like to be daring. So I ventured out into the land where newbie pumpers shouldn’t go: 8 hg’s. However, I vary the pressure. I started at 6Hg’s for maybe a minute, pumped up to 8hg’s and held it until I felt a little soreness. I went back to 6, then 8 and so on so forth for 10 minutes. My curiosity got the better of me, but common sense kicked in at any perceived sign of danger and backed off. At the end, I do manual stretches for my septum and call it a day. Finally, after several years of bouncing back and forth I found something that works for me. In the mean time, I was able to gain self-acceptance into myself, who I am, and how I look. It was almost like time wanted me to not gain, as that could have impeded my internal growth.

So, with a proud new self, happy and content to be me, I’m also gaining a new piece too. Funny how things in life work out huh?

Nice work with the gain, do you just pump and stretch?

Pretty much. Nothing strict. I may do two sets with a break in between. I may split them apart, one in the day, the other at night. I may just do one. I may add that I have no skin problems this time either ( excess, discoloration, black spots ).


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