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Jes-Extender for sale or Trade of Pump Negotiable or Bib Hanger

Jes-Extender for sale or Trade of Pump Negotiable or Bib Hanger

First off let me start by saying that if I am going about this the wrong please inform me. I would also like to apologize in advance if this isn’t the proper way to do this or if it’s the wrong forum for this. I am new to this site, however I am not new to PE just new to remaining consistent and getting good advice. The latter part I have found on this site after many months of just “lurking” and reading up on what techniques are offered. With that being said I am ready (I believe) to start with PE more consistently and with a semi-advanced routine. Now with that being said here is what I have to offer. I purchased a Jes-Extender about 6 months back (almost $400 dollars, and I wish I hadn’t spent the money). Mainly because now I am laid off and could really use the money right now. Also, knowing what I know now I would prefer hanging (due to what I have read in Bib’s threads), as well jelqing and pumping for thickness (just my preferences). In addition “Magnum” informed me on how to make a homemade pump pretty inexpensively (again, I can’t afford expensive toys right now as I have no job). Unfortunately, I have a cylinder but thus far I have not been able to locate a hand gauge from any of the area Auto Parts stores as they all were out of stock or didn’t have them (disadvantages of living in a small town). Back to my Jes-Extender.After purchasing the device I personally felt it was complicated to wear, nor did I have the purposed eight hours a day to wear it as suggested. To add, I just felt “weird” having to wear something that long in order to gain. I wore it once. One time only. Scouts honor. Cross my heart and hope to die. So here is my offer to anyone out there. I will give my Jes-Extender to anyone who wants it in exchange for a COMPLETE Kaplan Penis System. This means a hand gauge, 1st cylinder, and 2nd cylinder. Or in exchange for a Bib Hanger (not starter). Or another type of Pump and Hand Gauge to be discussed or negotiated. Again. I have no use for the Jes-Extender and no desire to use it again. This device is worth nearly $400 dollars (just check the website if you don’t believe me). I am not looking for money. Just an even swap so that I can get the gains I’m hoping for. I have the entire device and all of it’s parts. The manual as well, and even the case it came in. If this sounds interesting to you please let me know. Nothing is final until we discuss it on the phone in greater detail. Thanks Guys.

Sorry to hear about your bit of bad luck in the employment department, gthompkinsjr . Try The Original Bib Hanger to see an inexpensive hanging model you can make yourself, should you find nobody willing to trade, or do a search on homemade hangers.

If you’ve JUST started doing PE consistently, consider doing manual PE for a while. From all that I have read and experienced, you’ll want your penis conditioned well - and that requires consistent PE - before moving on to hangers and such.

I hope they call you back to work soon! In the mean time, get some stretching in!

Thanks for the support and the website as well. However, I am gonna wait and see if I can get someone to purchase or trade me before I try and make a hanger for myself. After all, I am not that mechanically inclined and I’m a little scared of making something like that myself (hanging is dangerous enough). Also, I guess I should explain that I am now new to PE just sort of new here. I have been experimenting with jelqing and stretching over the last three years. However, I am new to being consistent. Usually only did it for a month or two at a time. Went from 6inches to current 6.5 in length and 5 1/4 width. I have been more consistent here lately and want to remain so. Goals are 8.5 x 6.5 , 8.5 x 7 or 9 x 7. So? Anyone wanna help me out with a pump or a hanger?

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