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Jelqing with first and second finger?

Jelqing with first and second finger?

What do you think about the way to jelq putting the penis between the first finger and second finger. So I would only pressure at left and right side of the penis and avoid the top and back side. For me it is easier to do it that way instead of the ok grip. I am also frightend to damage the urin vein or the dorsal nerve on the top. So the way I jelq I think is safer, or is there any risk?

Can I aspect any gains, length or girthwise with this way of jelqing?

Why don’t you use the traditional Jelq. position,do you have an injury that prevents you? I was weary in the beginning of my program because the move seamed scary…I learned quickly that it was not only OK but it is actually beneficial to good circulation in the penis. If it is due to a pre-existing injury…Try your method and keep track of gains…this is the best way to develop a new technique.

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