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Jelqing - standing or sitting

Jelqing - standing or sitting

Any ideas which way of jelqing is better ( standing up or sitting down) ?

Also is and under hand or over hand more efficient?

I have an easier time grabbing the full length of my shaft (glans excluded, of course) while standing with an overhand grip. Oddly enough, sometimes kneeling, but with my legs spread a bit (usually only do this on a cushion or my bed) is good for jelqing for me. Something that the position does to my pelvic floor helps with arousal if I’m having trouble getting a semi for jelqing.

Overhand grip just works better for me—with underhand, it feels like the rest of my hand/fingers just get in the way, if that makes sense. Having said that, I frequently alternate.

No idea which is better. Someone on here (wish I could remember who) really believing in jelqing as MUCH of the shaft as possible, which means pushing into your fat pad/pubis and starting your jelq there. I don’t know if I’m a believer in that, but I don’t see why it’s a bad idea, and I get the best grip for that when overhand.

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Hi. Yes I jelq with an over hand grip whilst sitting down with my legs apart and I try to get as much of the shaft in my jelq as possible. Today I tried standing up with the underhand grip and yes the fingers do get in the way but I do think you need a little more lubricant for underhand jelqing whilst standing up because the foreskin tends to go over the head of the penis alot. However I did not mind doing it so I might experiment a little bit more with it because it actually felt okay.

I’ve only ever relied on overhand during my routine. I feel the same way about underhand; fingers get in the way and more lube is required. Personally, I mix in a few underhand grips during my sessions, but I feel more comfortable with my overhand grip. I believe I’m able to grip better and their is less variation with my strokes. I have become more adept with the underhand stroke but it stills feels cumbersome and improper, when compared to my overhand grip.

Sitting or standing is a personal preference thing to me. I believe standing is a little more tiresome, and sitting a bit more comfortable. That being said, sitting on the toilet seat gets uncomfortable after a while. It really depends on whether or not you have the house to yourself and can find what is best for you. Try a few sessions sitting and standing, notice if your back hurts, shoulders et cetera. I don’t have a preference either way, nor do I notice any fatigue other than where I should feel fatigue, ahem. It also depends on my level of privacy whether or not I use the bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom.

To directly answer each question:

1. Personal Preference
2. Overhand seems to be preferred, I believe underhand is just as effective but may take longer to master your grip and the subtleties of the actual stroke.

I agree with everything you say Drock87

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