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Jelqing for Length or Girth

Jelqing for Length or Girth

Is Jelqing more for length or girth? I’m a little bummed by what I have found here at Thunders. I have nice starting girth at 6 inches and would like to gain length. My LOT is very low at 6 o’clock. By all the studies I have seen on Thunders, it will be very hard for me to gain length because of my girth and because of a low LOT? Any suggestions on what a person like me should focus on to gain length? Your help is greatly appreciated!


Jelqing is both for lenght and girth, it depends how you jelq if you want more lenght or girth.
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Good luck with your PE!

Don’t worry, I started out with a 6 inch girth as well and I still gained length alright. You might want to jelq with lower erection levels because that will help target length more, and definitely do lots of manual stretching.

Also if you ask most people around here, they will tell you to forget about LOT theory. Do some searches and you will find that many people don’t take it to heart and ignore it.

Good luck with those length gains dlm.

Thanks Random Giant! Can I ask you how much length you have gained and how long it took you? Did you happen to know what your LOT was before you started? Thanks again! I really appreciate the help!

Jelqing at a lower erection is said to bring length gains. Manual stretches work very good for length as a newbie.

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