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Jelqing, dry vs. wet

Jelqing, dry vs. wet

Can someone explain what dry jelqing is, and if you can do if if you’re circumsized, and what the benefits are above and beyond wet jelqing? I have tried jelqing without lube but it’s painful.

Thanks, that doesn’t explain why you would dry jelq, though?

I dry jelq because one I can control the “type” of erection easier. That is I want a plump, fat as I can get it, soft erection. This way I can push more blood into a softer erection.

With wet jelqing the erection is a bit harder so I don’t feel the expansion as much. And also wet jelqing for me is almost impossible not to jerk off. And I want to PE as much as possible and not jerk off every day.

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Originally Posted by Jiffylube851
Thanks, that doesn’t explain why you would dry jelq, though?

From the link I posted:

Dry Jelqing is a form of jelqing that uses no lubricant.

Using no lubricant will make it easier to do, more stealthy, cheaper etc. while maintaining equal results.

Is one better than the other? I can’t imagine dry jelqing without getting burns or redness and pain.

You don’t slide your hand over your shaft skin, that would cause burns. Your hand and shaft skin move together. Like pulling your skin up over your dick head to simulate foreskin.

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