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Jelqing didn't work out tonight

Jelqing didn't work out tonight

For some reason when I tried to jelq tonight, I could not maintain a partial erection. I tried and tried, but it was either 100% or nothing.

Has anyone else had this problem?

It’s sorta annoying, grrrr…

One night won’t kill me though, right?

Starting; BPEL: 7.5" EG: 5.0"

Had the same problem, but few sessions later the problem was gone. I kept a stable partial the whole way through, when it did drop I just slapped it around.


When I started PE for 5 weeks ago I too had big problem with getting to erected during exercises, I started with the standard advice -to wait until it subsides- well, alone that’s not enough.

1. Start with stretching (here is essential that you wait to the erection to subside, if that’s the case)
2. Then when you start jelqing do something else at the same time, or concentrate on something that interests you (TV-program, Internet, Radio what ever)
3. Do very slow jelqs 5-6 or 7 sec.
4. Do this while standing.
4. Try dry jelqs
5. If the erection builds up then slow down the jelqs even more, try also to jelq upward (it helps a bit)

This is something that is working for me

Finally I can do my jelq exercise more successfully.

Good luck;)

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